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Attention Real Estate Professionals: Register for Retrofit Broker Training Program - offered by NERI and EnergyWorks KC Grant

Residential Energy Consortium Convene

Residential Energy Consortium July 29 2011

Bill Clinton Visits UCM (video)

National Energy Retrofit Institute

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Residential Energy Client Service Coordinator

This program prepares participants to become Residential Energy Client Service Coordinators (RECSC) in the residential energy retrofit industry sector. A RECSC is responsible for the accurate, timely, and professional coordination of activities throughout the Energy Improvement Design-Build Process between the client and stakeholders (e.g., funding partners, rebate aggregators, artisan contractors, internal support staff, clients/customers etc.), as well as the wholesale and/or retail sales of products and services.

Program Prerequisites and Qualifications:
This program is recommended for individuals from the customer service, construction industries, and/or housing professionals interested in working in an office environment and possess the ability to:

  • Apply a systematic approach to carry out tasks
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills in person, email and over the phone
  • Provide clients with attentive, courteous and informative service
  • Express complex ideas concisely and clearly, orally and in writing
  • Calculate rate, ratio and percent; ability to convert units of measurement
  • Use personal computers and related software
  • Work at a computer for long periods of time

Course Contact Hours: 40
Delivery Format: Online (Synchronous and Asynchronous)
Expected Award: Certificate of Completion


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