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Attention Real Estate Professionals: Register for Retrofit Broker Training Program - offered by NERI and EnergyWorks KC Grant

Residential Energy Consortium Convene

Residential Energy Consortium July 29 2011

Bill Clinton Visits UCM (video)

National Energy Retrofit Institute

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This program prepares participants to become “Retrepreneurs” in the residential energy retrofit industry sector. Retrepreneurs oversee the operations of residential energy retrofit retail organizations as Energy Improvement Project Managers (EIPM) or oversee operations of residential energy retrofit wholesale organizations as Residential Energy Practitioners (REP). During this program, the participant will determine whether to operate a retail business as an EIPM, a wholesale business as a REP, or both. An EIPM develops and maintains the business plan to manage the process and provides administrative and operational oversight for the installation of products and services for energy improvement retrofits, which improve the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of a client’s home.The REP develops and maintains the business plan to direct the marketing and implementation of specialty products and services used by retail organizations. The retailer procures the REP’s products and services as a part of whole house retrofit projects.

Program Prerequisites and Qualifications:
This program is recommended for individuals transitioning their existing business model within the construction industry from the residential/light commercial sector to the retrofit sector, as well as for entrepreneurs starting a new business within the retrofit sector or adding a line of business to existing operations. Individuals participating in this program should have access to the capital and resources needed to start and/or operate a small business and be capable of the following:

  • Apply a systematic approach to carry out tasks
  • Establish and maintain effective business relationships with other organizations
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills
  • Organize, direct, and perform supervisory duties Maintain and adjust timelines and work schedules
  • Express complex ideas concisely and clearly, orally and in writing
  • Use personal computers and related software

Course Contact Hours: 40
Delivery Format: Online (Synchronous and Asynchronous)
Expected Award: Certificate of Completion


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