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Attention Real Estate Professionals: Register for Retrofit Broker Training Program - offered by NERI and EnergyWorks KC Grant

Residential Energy Consortium Convene

Residential Energy Consortium July 29 2011

Bill Clinton Visits UCM (video)

National Energy Retrofit Institute

phone: 660-543-4672
fax: 660-543-8333


Retrofit 101

This one hour webinar introduces participants to the National Energy Retrofit Institute (NERI). The webinar will outline how NERI teaches individuals and organizations how to succeed in the retrofit industry by providing the following:

  • Standardized process (NERI Energy Improvement Model) that provides a systematic approach to designing and implementing energy improvement measures.
  • New workforce roles and responsibilities that compliment current industry technical job roles and certifications.
  • Use of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (Retrofit Exchange) to automate project management, accountability and transparency.
  • A platform (consortium) to support a collaborative retrofit community locally and nationally.

The webinar also provides a historical context of the residential/light commercial construction industry and its impact as a driving force behind economic recoveries in the United States dating back to the Great Depression.

Note: This webinar is a prerequisite for enrollment in all NERI Training Programs.



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