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Admissions Reps Bring UCM to You

Admissions Reps Bring UCM to You

Contact: Brenda Mackey
WARRENSBURG - 9/06/2006 - One of the most important decisions high school students face is choosing which college to attend. Beginning in September, UCM's admissions representatives will travel throughout Missouri and neighboring states to guide high school students in determining if UCM is the best fit for them.

Representing UCM to Prospective Students

"We bring UCM to students who are starting the process of deciding which college to go to," said senior admissions representative Ryan Bowie.

Brooke Sledd represents UCM in southern Missouri, including everything south of Highway 50. She can often be seen in Jefferson City, Branson, Springfield or Cape Girardeau. North of Highway 50 is Matt Houseworth’s domain. Grant Schmidt represents UCM in St. Louis, and Ryan Bowie in Kansas City. Multicultural representative Darin Clayton also visits the Kansas City and St. Louis areas.

Angie Wohldmann is the assistant director of new student programs. She leads programs that bring prospective students to campus, such as Discover Central days and department visits.

Relationships Key to the Communication Process

The representatives also attend college fairs in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. They start building relationships with prospective students early, often a year and a half before the students will attend UCM.

They visit with prospective students about about academic choices, why students are successful at UCM, career and job placement, the UCM community, the application process,  and financial aid.

Campus Visits also Important

Admissions representatives also facilitate student visits to campus, often meeting with students and their families if they are on campus as the family visits.

"I like helping students find a place where they feel at home," Wohldmann said. "Visiting campus is the best way to decide if UCM or any school is the best school for you."

It's More than Just Recruiting

The admissions department is about more than simply telling future students about UCM.

"We've made such a personal connection with students. We know them,” Bowie said. “It’s not just about recruiting. We're here to ensure students’ success. I like being the one students know they can go to."

UCM's Admissions Representatives 2006
UCM's Admissions representatives are, left to right, Darin Clayton,
Matt Houseworth, Ryan Bowie, Grant Schmidt and Brooke Sledd.