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UCM Hosts British Debaters

UCM Hosts British Debaters

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG - 10/05/2007 - Two representatives of the British National Debate Team will challenge two members of the UCM's "Talking Mules" debate team during an exhibition public debate at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 11. in the Laura J. Nahm Auditorium in the W.C. Morris Science Building. The topic for the debate will be "Resolved: The United States should withdraw all troops from Iraq within 90 days." The British have elected to defend the resolution.

Experienced Debaters Will Meet

Janis McCambridge, a senior accounting major and captain of the "Talking Mules," and Andrew Goring, a sophomore political science major, will debate Alex Just and Alistair Cormack of the United Kingdom.

Guests Offer Varied Backgrounds

Just is from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is president of the Oxford University Union and is a senior studying history and politics. Cormack, former President of the Durham Union Society, is a recent graduate of the University of Durham with an honors degree in history and politics. He was born and raised in London.

Just was a Grand Finalist at the World Schools' Championships and the World Universities Championships and is credited with coaching the Scottish national Debate Team to their victory in the 2007 World Championships. Cormack represented the Durham Union at both the European and World Debating Championships and was a finalist at the English National Championships.

Opponents Have Met Previously

"They don't worry me much," said McCambridge. "I've debated both of them during our Montgomery Cup Exhibition Tour of the British Isles. They're very good, but I still think we can beat them. We did when we visited their campuses. I think they're just looking for a little payback. Either way, it'll be fun."

"I had some experience debating the World's format when I was studying abroad in Japan last year." Goring said.  "I'm just glad to have the chance to debate one of the finest teams in the world."

Public Invited to Attend

"Of course, everyone is invited," said Jack Rogers, UCM director of forensics, noting that the debate is open to the public. "We'll need all of the support we can get from the audience when we clash with the British titans.

Participate in the British Style of Debate

The exhibition debate will follow both the British format and style, which typically makes use of playing to the audience with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. After the debaters finish their speeches, the floor will be opened up for audience participation. The audience and a panel of judges will vote for the victors.

For More Information

For more information, contact Rogers at 660-543-4459 or by email at