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UCM’s Fall 2014 Career Expo Experiences Record Employer Attendance

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (Nov. 18, 2014) – The University of Central Missouri’s annual Fall and Spring Career Expos bring together UCM students seeking career opportunities with potential employers. The result has been UCM’s continuous excellent record of graduate job placement, which currently stands at 94.4 percent.

In October 2014 the Fall Career Expo set a new record, with 177 employers attending in search of qualified, talented college graduates, topping the previous record of 170 set in 2007. 

Career Expo fall 14 followup
Students attending the University of Central Missouri’s Fall Career Expo in October 2014 found a record number of potential employers in attendance seeking future employees.

According to Ken Schueller, director of Career Development Services at UCM, the trend toward increased participation by employers at the career expos is an indicator of economic recovery, with 74 percent of the employers participating in the spring 2014 expo indicating that their recruiting efforts have increased during the past year based upon need.  He also attributes the increase in employer participation to the success of key initiatives implemented by the Career Services Center at UCM.

“During the past three years, we’ve undergone a reorganization to allow us to respond to the needs of both our students and employers,” Schueller said. “We created the Gateway Career Advising Center, where we assist first year students in determining a major, allowing them to complete a degree in four years in conjunction with the Contract for Completion. We also responded to the needs of our employers by designating one staff member who works in employer development full time, coordinating our annual fall and spring career expo events.”

In addition to the career development counselors on staff, an operations coordinator now is assigned to work with employers, a task that before was assigned to various career center employees prior to each expo. Amber Goreham, director of the Career Services Center, said employers have responded well to the change.

“Employers like having an on-campus recruiter they can work with throughout the year,” she said. “They’ve indicated they feel more connected with us. It’s allowed us to retain the employers who have been with us for years and generate contacts with new employers who haven’t participated before.”

The Career Services Center also is training peer mentors—upper level students who can work with underclassmen on the basics of career preparation. This includes creating individualized career plans for students to allow them to be more competitive in the job-seeking process and maintaining strong connections with academic advising centers in the four academic colleges to assure curriculum requirements are being met.

Goreham noted that in addition to the convenient geographic location and assistance provided by the Career Services Center, employers who previously have attended the UCM career expos overwhelmingly indicate that the quality of UCM’s graduates and the reputation and quality of the university’s academic programs are the main reasons why they return to the career expos each year. This year, the Career Services Center recognized employers who have attended the expos over a period of years.

 “We’ve always had quality graduates, and now we can assure those students increased opportunities to connect with potential employers,” Goreham said. “We want to create a seamless transition from graduation to employment.”