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New Carnegie Course Sharpens Communication, Human Relations Skills

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (May 13, 2009) – A new course offering, the world famous Dale Carnegie Course®, will be available this fall at the UCM. This new offering has been made possible through a partnership between UCM and Dale Carnegie Training®, a global leader in Workplace Learning and Performance and known worldwide for teaching people to be stronger communicators. The UCM and Dale Carnegie partnership makes available Dale Carnegie Training® to military personnel and veterans through the GI Bill and also to many business professionals through corporate tuition assistance programs.

According to Laurel Hogue, assistant director of Extended Campus, UCM students have the opportunity to enroll in COMM 2700: Effective Communication and Human Relations. UCM becomes the only school in Missouri offering this three-credit-hour class. It is made possible through the efforts of the School of Graduate and Extended Studies in cooperation with Dale Carnegie Training® and the Department of Communication.

“We’re very pleased to be able to make this class available,” Hogue said. “It’s definitely a course that will enhance students’ credentials and give them a leg up in pursuit of their careers.”

The course is designed to strengthen students’ communication and interpersonal skills, and help them build self-confidence. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively in a variety of interpersonal and public settings, and gain a better understanding of the diversity of human interaction and what promotes and impedes productive personal interaction.

Terry Cunconan, chair of the Department of Communication, will teach the course. It is ideally suited for major and minor programs in broadcast media, communication, corporate communication, journalism, public relations and speech communication. It can be taken to fill an option under general education requirements or as an elective toward a communication degree.

“Offering the course is a great first step in partnering with Dale Carnegie at the department level,” Cunconan said. “The course provides significant and professional enhancement to our degree programs and establishes an on-campus link to a highly visible global leader in the practice of effective human communication.”

Cunconan noted that he and Art Rennels, instructor in communication, are being certified as Dale Carnegie Trainers on campus. They will “take the lead role in facilitating the practice and principles of effective communication established through the legacy of Dale Carnegie.”

COMM 2700: Effective Communication and Human Relations is made possible through an agreement entered into between the university and Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., in March 2008 with a goal to advance workplace learning and performance in Missouri.

Thomas Otley, senior vice president of Dale Carnegie Training®, sees great value in offering the Dale Carnegie Course to UCM students.

Otley said, “By taking this course, students will have greater focus and more clearly defined goals. Students will also develop leadership skills which will help them gain more from their university education. Ultimately, students will have an advantage when entering the workforce and beginning their professional careers. Having the Dale Carnegie name on your resume is a big plus.”

In addition to enabling UCM to offer Dale Carnegie courses, it also makes it possible for anyone who enrolls in Dale Carnegie Training® programs in 75 countries worldwide to gain course credit from UCM, if courses taken are accredited by the American Council on Education. Dale Carnegie Training® courses already available at UCM include the Dale Carnegie Course®, Sales Advantage, Leadership Training for Managers, and High Impact Presentations.

Military personnel and veterans are encouraged to take advantage of such programs. The university is an approved institution for the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance Funding.

Dale Carnegie Training programs were initiated in 1912 by Dale Carnegie, UCM’s most famous alumnus and author of the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. His legacy of teaching business people how to sharpen their skills and improve their performance has since benefitted more than 7 million people across the globe.

To enroll or request information, please contact your local Dale Carnegie Training® representative or UCM’s School of Graduate and Extended Studies at 877-SAY-UCMO Ext. 24.