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UCM's Criminal Justice Team Claims 10th Regional Sweepstakes Title

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO ( Nov. 2, 2011) - The University of Central Missouri’s Gamma Epsilon Delta Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon earned its 10th consecutive Region III Sweepstakes Trophy during regional competition at Evangel University, Springfield, Mo., Oct. 21-23.  Region III is comprised of nine states, from Missouri west to Utah and north to the Canadian border.

The UCM team of 38 individuals participated in the academic areas of criminal law, police organization and management, juvenile justice, corrections and LAE knowledge. Competition also included individual and team firearms, crime scene investigation and physical agility.

The UCM team earned 38 of the 90 available trophies providing trophies in all academic and non-academic areas. In addition to the Sweepstakes Trophy, Maj. Richard Gillespie, team firearms coach, received the Top Gun Trophy for the best marksman.

Competing in the Lower Division are students who have completed 12-69 semester hours, with those in the upper division having completed 70 semester hours or more. Law enforcement professionals and faculty compete in the Professional Division.

UCM students competing in the lower division swept all trophies for police organization and management and two of the three for LAE knowledge.  Levi Osborn won two first place trophies in police organization and management, and LAE knowledge, and third place in juvenile justice. Ryan Kanoy and Patrick Powers received second place and third place in the police organization and management area. Kanoy also received third place in criminal law.  Also assisting in the lower division effort was Colby Harrison with a third place in corrections and Robbie Railton with a third place in LAE knowledge.

The upper division also made a sweep in the LAE knowledge area with Thomas Bruning, Erica Lehmuth and Natasha Sheldon receiving the first, second and third place trophies. Sheldon also received second place corrections, with Michael Moore receiving a second place in juvenile justice.

The professional members also provided to the academic effort.  Roger Pennel received second place in criminal law and second place in LAE knowledge.  With the assistance of Charlie Pappert (first place) and Jennifer Ianno (third place), the group swept the LAE knowledge field.  Gregg Etter received third place in the area of corrections.  All divisions combined garnered eight of the nine trophies in LAE knowledge.

In the area of the firearms competition, the team received six of the nine trophies for both the individual and team.  In the lower division, Colby Harrison received an individual third place trophy.  Harrison, Sean Camey and Patrick Powers won a third place team trophy.  The team of Ryan Kanoy, Ian McCann and Charlie Meyer won the second place team trophy.

The upper division group swept all individual and team trophies. Finishing in the top spots were Jordan Enk, Andrew Chronister and Joel Steffen.  The first place team trophy members included, Enk, Chronister and Bryan VanFleet.  Second place was won by the team of Steffen, Spencer Haglund, and Greg Towe.  The third place trophy went to the team consisting of Phillip Binkholder, Nathan Clark, and Bethany Grygar.  The professional firearms group did very well, with Gillespie receiving first place and Charlie Pappert receiving third place.  The team of Gillespie, Pappert and DeAnne Bogg won the first place team trophy.

In crime scene investigation, the lower division team of San Gahr, Ryan Kanoy and Ian McCann won a first place trophy.  In the upper division, Andrew Chronister, Jordan Enk, and Bryan VanFleet took first, with the team of Spencer Haglund, Erica Lehmuth, and Natasha Sheldon taking third.  The professional team of Greg Etter, Richard Gillespie and Roger Pennel finished second in their division.

Three females placed in their respective categories in the physical agility.  Bethany Grygar received second place in the 25 and younger group, Jenn Ianno also received a second place in the 26 to 35 aged group, and Deanne Bogg earned a first place in the same category.  Therman Scott received a first place trophy in the 36 and over category. 

 “The team, as usual, showed a great deal of breadth, with over 75 percent of the team members earning at least one individual or team trophy,” Pennel said.  “Individuals will graduate and a new group will follow. There is often a question as to how the new group will do.  This year’s new group is no exception to those in the past.  They have worked hard and performed well.”  He also indicated that “the lower division members earned eight academic trophies, compared to the five received by both the upper and professional divisions.” 

With the tenth regional win under their belts, the team is preparing for the national conference and competition in March 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they will compete for their tenth consecutive national title.

CJ Regional
Members of the University of Central Missouri’s Gamma Epsilon Delta Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon who earned its 10th consecutive Region III Sweepstakes Trophy are, front row left, left to right, Spencer Haglund and Colby Harrison; first row right, Thomas Bruning and Ian McCann; second row, Micheal Moore, Lynsey Sciolaro, Natasha Sheldon, Erica Lehmuth, Greg Towe and Ryan Kanoy; third row, Jimmy Garlich and Bethany Grygar; third row right, Kamala Purvis and Phillip Binkholder; fourth row, Roger Pennel, Sam Gahr, Brandi Baumhoff, Chelsea Kennedy, Sean Camey, Chris Patton; fifth row, Therman Scott, Charlie Pappert, Robbie Railton, Charlie Meyer, Nathan Clark, Jordan Enk, Greg Etter, Maj. Richard Gillespie. Not picture are Deanne Bogg, Andrew Chronister, Savannah Francka, Jenn Ianno, Levi Osborn, Patrick Powers, Kirra Soper, Joel Steffen and Bryan Van Fleet.