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UCM's Criminal Justice Team Claims 13th Regional Championship

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (Dec. 3, 2014) – The University of Central Missouri’s Gamma Epsilon Delta Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon professional fraternity recently returned from the 2013 Region III LAE Conference in Kansas City with an unprecedented13th consecutive Sweepstakes Award.

CJ Team Regionals Fall 2014
Members of the UCM Criminal Justice team are, front row, left to right: Levi Blue, Hailey Thomas, Cassie Bone, Lucas Neff and Ryan Kanoy; second row, Greg Towe, Taylor Bryan, Lyndsey Sciolaro, Matthew Lamoreaux, MacKenzie Carreon, and Tyler O’Neal; third row, Charlie Myers, Ryan Clancy, Desire Smith, Natalie Copeland, and Samantha McLain; fourth row, Mojdeh Khoshnavaz, Andrew Schultz, Elizabeth Helis, Mary King, Austin Latham and Michael Hawkins; fifth row, Marissa Blanton, Taylor Lord, Courvosier Cade, Nicholas Glorioso, Matthew Suppenbach and Richard Gillespie, team advisor; row six, Stacia Pottorff, Robert Anderson, Benjamin Gross and Gregg Etter, team advisor. Not pictured are Andrew Chronister, David Rhodenbach, Colby Harrison, Anthony Joel Ianno, Sara Thomas, Sierra Haymes, Thomas Hambrough, Jonathan Glueckert, Keegan Bonham and Brandon Pennington.

Competitors in this competition includedcolleges and universities from Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. Students from UCM participated in academic testing competitions, academic poster competitions, crime scene investigation competition, firearm’s competition, and physical agility competition.

In the individual firearm’s competition, Austin Latham placed second in the lower division. In the upper division,Colby Harrison placed first, Ian McCann placed second, and Ryan Kanoy placed third. In the professional division, Andrew Chronister placed second and Richard Gillespie, third.

In team firearms competition, upper division, Ian McCann, Greg Towe and Charlie Myer placed first; Lucas Neff, Kanoy and Harrison placed second, and Levi Blue, David Rhodenbach and Matthew Suppenbach placed third. Gregg Etter, Gillespie and Chronister placed first in the professional division, and Stacia Pottorff, competing with team members from Kansas State University and Peru State University, placed third.

In the category of LAE knowledge, Mojdeh Khosnavez took second place and MacKensie Carreon took third. Lucas Neff placed first in the upper division, with Natalie Copeland placing second and Towe placing third. Lyndsey Scioiao placed third in the professional division.

Khosnavez placed third in the lower division of the juvenile justice category, and Natalie Copeland placed first and Neff placed second in the upper division.

In police management and operations, Neff placed first and Harris, third, both in the upper division. In corrections, Hailey Thomas placed first in the lower division and Carreon placed third. Kanoy placed first, Ian McCann placed second, and Blue placed third in the upper division.

In criminal law, Andrew Schwartz placed second in the lower division. Matt Lamoreaux placed second and Blue placed third in the upper division.

The team of Tyler O’Neal, Ben Gross and Mary King claimed first place in crime scene investigation, lower division, with Schwartz, Carreon and Desire Smith taking second place. In the upper division, Cassie Bone, Thomas and Samantha McLain took second place, and McCann, Suppenbach and Kanoy claimed third place. Harrison, Copeland and Jon Gluekert place first in the professional division, with Chronister, Lyndsey Sciolaro and Towe placing third.

In the physical agility competition, Sierrra Haynes and Blue placed first in the under 25 female and male categories, respectively. Kanoy placed third in the under-25 male category, and Sciolaro placed second in the 26-35 age category.

In the academic poster competition, lower division, Thomas placed first and Khosnavez, second. Pottorff placed first, Haymes placed second, and Marissa Blanton placed third in the upper division, with Michael Hawkins placing first and Towe placing second in the graduate division.

In addition to participation by UCM criminal justice students and faculty, Jon Taylor, UCM associate professor of history, was the featured speaker at the event’s Saturday night banquet, speaking on the life and times of the outlaw Jesse James.

Funding for ammunition for the firearms competition was provided through a UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant.

As the Regional III sweepstakes winners, the UCM team will participate in the 2015 ACJA/LAE National Competition, scheduled for March 22-27 in Nashville, Tenn.