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Theatre Students Present One-Act Plays

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (Dec. 1, 2010) - The University of Central Missouri Department of Theatre will present four one-act plays by Craig Pospisil at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 2-4 in the BlackBox Theatre in Nickerson Hall

In “Infant Morality,” directed by Callie Ott with technical direction by Kyle Lackey, Trish is working at the front desk of a hospital when Stephanie comes in carrying a shopping bag wanting to return something. Trish is staggered when she looks into the bag and sees a baby, but Stephanie can’t understand what the problem is. Things get even stranger before the resolution of this black comedy. The cast includes Kinsey Parker, Bobby Covington, Hannah Williams, and Haley Hrabe.

“On the Edge,”directed by Deanna Mazdra with technical direction by Adam Henry, is a comedy about two high school students: Gene, played by David LeVota, and Sammy, played by Amanda Trout. With a party going on inside, Gene stands on the ledge of the building because the girl he loves is making out with someone. Sammy, a classmate, finds Gene on the edge, and instead of being concerned, she mocks him for being melodramatic. What will Sammy do when she realizes that Gene’s problems are more than the girl-help him or push him over?

“Double Wedding,” a show about the conflict between a woman and her alter ego, finds Deborah preparing to get married. Her parents are in full support; however, Deborah’s alter ego doesn’t agree with the match. A fight between Deborah and her alter ego ensues. “Double Wedding” is directed by Brian Weiss with technical direction by Robin Harman, and the cast includes Kiera Kelly Williamson, Alex McCale, Dominique Ramirez, and Trent Reese.

In “The American Dream Revisited,” Jim, played by John Markley, and Della, played by Maggie Quinn, are lost in a moral vacuum somewhere between the responsible, old-time, hard-working attitude of Jim’s father (Grandpa, played by Tanner Pearce), and the self-centered, apathetic manner of their daughter, Chartreuse, played by Grace Griffin. Jim and Della know what they want, but they’re not quite certain how to reach their new American dream. The semi-absurdist comedy is loosely based on “The American Dream” by Edward Albee. “The American Dream Revisited” is directed by Noah Whitmore with technical direction by Lauren Birdsong.