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Enrollment Easier with One-Stop Approach

Enrollment Easier with One-Stop Approach

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG - 06/05/2007 - UCM is taking a one-stop approach to serving students by establishing a new Office of Transfer and Transition Services and Office of Student Financial Services in the same building. Some preparatory measures, which include a relocation of key offices, began June 4, with a goal to have the new offices and personnel in place on the first floor of the Ward Edwards Building by mid-July.

Meeting the Needs of UCM Students

"We're taking a more holistic approach to meeting students' needs by making it possible for them to enroll at the university, apply for scholarships and loans, or pay bills without having to walk from building to building," said Matt Melvin, assistant provost for enrollment management.

Name Changes Reflect New Structure

The one-stop concept includes a name change for the Office of Academic Advisement to the Office of Transfer and Transition Services. Beginning June 4-5, the office moved from Ward Edwards 1100 to Room 1900, which previously housed Enrollment Management administrative staff. Those individuals remain at the same location temporarily, but will be relocated to the Office of the Registrar, Room 1000, later this summer.

Making the Transition Simple

Transfer and Transition Services will handle academic advisement for student athletes, open option, and provisional students. It will also handle initial enrollment/advisement for transfer students, after which they will see a college or departmental adviser.

 Access to Financial Services More Convenient

Student Financial Services will be located in Room 1100. To create this office, the university merged the offices of Student Accounts and Accounts Receivable with the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

"Everything that affects students financially will be handled through this new office," said Donna Bodenhamer, director of Student Accounts. "The division of duties between student accounts and financial aid will become less visible to students as we merge our services."

She added, "The office hopes to grow in ways to serve students that are consistent with the one-stop concept and  that could potentially include the purchase of parking permits and meal plans. Those discussions will take place in the future."

Note New Telephone Numbers, Temporary Locations

As a transitional measure, all offices under Student Financial Services began using the telephone number 660-543-UCMO (660-543-8266), effective June 4. Customer services staff will work out of Student Financial Assistance, Administration 104, beginning on that date, and other staff from Accounts Receivable will temporarily relocate to Administration 100, beginning the week of June 4, until its permanent move to Ward Edwards, July 19-20. The student financial offices are closed both days.

Testing Services Also Included

With the creation of the new Office of Student Financial Services, the Office of Testing Services moves from Ward Edwards 1400 to Administration 102 on June 20. In conjunction with this move, Testing Services closes noon to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 19; all day Wednesday, June 20; and reopens at 1 p.m. Thursday, June 21. Renovations to Ward Edwards 1100 begin on June 4, but Testing Services plans to remain open, according to Office Director Cindy Bertalott. She said the office also plans to continue using Dockery 201 for computer-based testing and Wood 309 and 311 for paper/pencil tests such as the College Base for General Education exam.