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UCM Makes Credit Monitoring Memberships Available

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (July 13, 2009) – UCM has announced a free 12-month program to benefit students who could potentially be affected by the recent theft of two computer printouts containing personal information.

About 7,000 students who were enrolled on campus during the summer 2005 and 2006 sessions are being notified of their eligibility for Experian’s Triple Alert credit monitoring membership. UCM will cover the cost of enrollment for one year as a way to help these students protect themselves from misuse of information.

UCM began looking for ways to assist students after learning that two computer reports were stolen from the university and seized by the Warrensburg Police Department during an arrest made June 19. UCM’s Department of Public Safety was immediately notified of the arrest, and after obtaining full access to the reports on June 23, the university began to notify students whose personal information potentially may be exposed to fraud.

It appears that fewer than a dozen individuals may have had their personal information used for fraudulent purposes. These individuals have been contacted personally by law enforcement officers. Initial contact from the university by mail and email of other students whose names appeared on the reports alerted them of the theft and provided a 24-hour toll-free telephone number and university web site where they could go for additional information to help them evaluate their options.

As a precautionary measure, the university is also initiating the agreement with Experian, and will contact eligible students about membership. Those individuals who are contacted will have 90 days to activate their membership.

Experian provides:

  • Tri-bureau credit monitoring and alerts: Automatic daily monitoring of the Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit files and email alerts of key changes;
  • Monthly “no-hit” reports: Updates letting participants know there were no changes with their credit activity;
  • Fraud resolution assistance: Toll-free access to fraud resolution specialists who help investigate each incident, contact credit grantors to dispute charges, close accounts and compile documents, and contact all relevant government agencies and law enforcement officials as needed; and
  • Identity theft insurance: $25,000 maximum insurance coverage with zero deductible provided by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. for certain identity theft expenses.

The university Department of Public Safety continues to work with the Warrensburg Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding this matter. All students who were enrolled in the summer 2005 and 2006 sessions are urged to check online for the most current information available. If they have questions, they can also call the toll-free number, 866-223-1695 to visit with representatives of the Office of Public Safety.