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Board Approves Faculty Categories Concept

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (April 1, 2015) – After a process that included input from a broad representation of members of the University of Central Missouri academic community, the Board of Governors on March 27 approved the Revised Faculty Categories Concept presented by Deborah Curtis, provost and chief learning officer. Board action allows the university to begin developing standards and procedures needed to operationalize the categories document  and move forward with this initiative.

 The Revised Faculty Categories Concept was initially discussed during the board’s work session Feb. 12. Currently, there are three faculty categories: adjunct faculty, instructors, and tenure-track faculty. Revisions made under this initiative add a category specifically for library faculty. Additionally, in the briefing paper Curtis presented to the board, she noted that there are established deliberative bodies on campus that regularly review faculty tenure and promotion guidelines. Instructors that comprise one group of UCM faculty have not had a clear voice in the process of considering faculty roles since there has been no career ladder. Moving forward with the concept may include the development of an instructional faculty council that will be charged with establishing guidelines for promotion and standards for evaluation.

Under the provost’s leadership, a review of the current model of faculty categories was initiated in 2013 to consider the possibility of recommending a revised model that would support the future-focused emphasis of the current campus planning process.  Work on this initiative also was prompted by feedback from a number of individuals at UCM about the need for greater flexibility and clearer definition of faculty roles. According to Curtis, the board’s approval of the concept infographic she presented signifies the beginning of a period that will focus on the professional development and recognition of all faculty members on the UCM campus.  

Review work regarding faculty classifications began with the Faculty Senate, followed by deans, then the Academic Council, where department chairs provided their feedback. The Academic Council’s Executive Committee provided its report to the provost in late summer 2014 and, at the same time, the provost gathered a group of faculty and one additional administrator to assist in creating the table that described the proposed new model for faculty categories. In October 2014, Curtis convened a group of nine non-tenure track instructors to review the table in its draft form. Input from all of these individuals contributed to the concept proposal presented to the board.