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Board of Governors Adopts Fee Increase at Rate of Inflation

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (Feb. 23, 2012) – Striving to maintain an affordable education for students in a year of anticipated state budget reductions, the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors on Feb. 23 approved a 3 percent academic fee increase for resident and non-resident undergraduates and graduate students, effective fall 2012.

“We are facing another year of declining state support for higher education, but we are committed to maintaining our focus on quality and student success without passing on a heavy financial burden to students and their parents. The minimal increase we are adopting does not exceed the national rate of inflation,” said Charles Ambrose, university president. “Obviously, we regret that any increase is necessary; however, the reality of the current economic factors requires such an adjustment.”

He added that the university’s “efforts to keep fees as low as possible has resulted in an average annual increase of only 1.8 percent over the past four years. Considering that we are celebrating our 18th consecutive year in which the placement rate for graduates has exceeded 90 percent after six months of graduation, we continue to provide an excellent value proposition for students seeking UCM degrees.”

Ambrose said Missouri legislators still have to approve appropriations for Fiscal Year 2013, but the university is anticipating a decrease in state funding by 7.8 percent, which is $3.9 million less than was received for the current year. Coupled with the prior two years of state funding reductions, the university will experience a cumulative $12.2 million decline in state appropriations – a total 19.8 percent decrease from FY10 to FY13.

The 3 percent increase in tuition equates to a $6.10 per-credit-hour increase for resident undergraduate students, which raises academic fees from $203.50 to $209.60 per credit hour. Students taking a cumulative, full-year resident load of 30 credit hours can expect to pay $183 more in academic fees than they paid during 2011-2012. The rates approved by the board also include:

High school dual credit courses will remain at the same rate as FY12. This will keep UCM’s dual credit course rate comparable to that of the Metropolitan Community College System, with whom UCM is currently engaged in cooperative projects. Additionally, there will be zero to 3 percent increases for all other Extended Studies’ instructional fees.

The board also approved an increase in General Fees, which is within 3 percent. As a result of these increases, students enrolled in less than nine credit hours will be charged $28.64 per credit hour, up from $28, and students taking nine or more hours will pay a flat rate of $429.65, up from the current $420. Such fees cover athletics, facilities, Pertle Springs, student activities, Student Recreation and Wellness Center, technology, and Elliott Union.

Ambrose said the reducing operational costs will continue to be a priority for the UCM Board of Governors and all employees of the university as they prepare for the next fiscal year and beyond.

“As we go about addressing the current and future financial challenges, UCM will remain committed to continuously seeking new and better opportunities to improve services that enhance the quality of education that all UCM students receive,” Ambrose remarked.