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UCM Continues Efforts to Empower Bystanders to Intervene in Sexual Assault

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (Nov. 17, 2014) – Earlier this fall, the University of Central Missouri entered a partnership with the Center for American Progress to get involved in the “It’s On Us” campaign to encourage everyone to make a commitment to step off the sidelines and be a part of the solution to preventing sexual assault on college and university campuses.  In support of this effort, the university this week is planning special activities that will include a training program for those who teach bystander intervention skills and a social marketing campaign led by students.

“It’s On Us’ is a campaign to establish ownership over the problem of sexual assault,” said Amy Kiger, director of violence and substance abuse prevention at UCM. “It offers tips, tools and inspiration to empower everyone to make a difference.”

She noted that during the week of Nov. 17-21, special activities such as Green Dot Certified Instructor Training are planned. Twenty-one individuals from colleges and university campuses across the state will come to UCM for this special program, Nov. 17-20, to be conducted by Green Dot, Inc., with financial support from the Missouri Department of Women’s Health. This is an evidence-based gender violence social change program which includes a bystander intervention skills training component, an educational awareness raising piece, and a social marketing component.

“This is a national program that started out at the University of Kentucky,” Kiger said, noting that the ‘green dot’ is symbolic of a person proactively responding to acts of sexual violence. “If you imagine a map where red dots have been placed representing places where sexual violence occurred, each person, at any moment in time, may have the opportunity to replace a red dot with a green dot by directly intervening, delegating someone else to intervene, or by causing a distraction.”

At least seven UCM staff members and one graduate assistant will be among those taking part in the Green Dot program to provide them with skills they need to train others in bystander intervention. Kiger noted that one high school study showed a 50 percent decrease in perpetration of sexual assaults after the program was initiated.

Another highlight of the week includes a social media campaign conducted by members of the Student Government Association, Association of Black Collegians, Spotlight, MoMen, and MAPS – Victim Advocacy. They will send a student-produced video to students via social media that features people across campus reciting the “It’s On Us” Pledge. These same groups also students hosted “It’s On Us Day” Oct. 29 at UCM.

As a partner in the national “It’s On Us” campaign, UCM previously released a video this fall urging campus members to be part of the solution in preventing sexual violence. It can be viewed online on youtube.

UCM also is looking ahead to future programs aimed at addressing issues such as sexual assault. Kiger said plans are underway to establish the “It’s On Us” Coalition to provide a framework for increasing awareness and getting people involved in prevention. More information about this program will be available in the spring.

Anyone who has questions about this week’s activities focused on prevention of sexual assault can contact Kiger at 660-543-8338. She reminds the campus community that anyone who may have an issue related to gender violence to contact the confidential hotline, 660-441-4855.