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KC Teen Summit Rescheduled

KC Teen Summit Rescheduled

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG - 02/20/2007- Following its recent postponement due to adverse weather, the "Teen Diversity Summit" hosted by UCM's Office of Community Engagement at Kansas City's Union Station has been rescheduled for 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Share Experiences, Promote Awareness

According to Karen French, UCM's assistant director of community engagement, the purpose of the summit is to explore discriminatory experiences in schools, homes and the community; help promote an awareness of the differences of others; and teach students to accept others regardless of their differences.

Fun Activities Also Provided

French said a diverse group of about 100 students will participate in the event, which provides fun and educational activities that foster student interaction. Inspirational messages from golf and tennis legend Ernie Ingram, as well as a Rally and Rap hosted by poet Glenn North are part of the morning schedule.

Questions Addressed

"On the Wall" and "Off the Wall" sessions later that morning give students an opportunity to address important diversity questions. Have you ever been bullied, picked on or teased in your school? Do you struggle with someone close to you or in your family you feel is a racist? Do you think racism is still a problem? These are just a few samples of the issues students will discuss during the summit.

Roundtable Discussions Produce Action Statements

All student participants will also participate in diversity roundtables at which time they will consider an "Off the Wall" question with a goal to devise an action statement that addresses how they will use what they learned to change their school, home or community environments.

Such sessions, according to French, given them an opportunity to focus on interacting with peers of different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to solve a common problem. They will report their solutions to those attending.

For More Information

In addition to discussions about diversity issues, while at Union Station participating students will also see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and tour Science City.  For more information, contact French at 816-474-1718.