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KMOS-TV “Create Expo” a Model for Other PBS Stations

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (Nov. 11, 2014) – PBS television stations across the United States are now looking at a program initiated by KMOS-TV, the University of Central Missouri’s public television station, as an example of how they can cooperate with the nationally known Create Channel to provide fun, family learning opportunities in their local markets.

Create Expo

At the first “Create Expo,” an event that was made possible by KMOS-TV in partnership with the Create Channel, people lined up to sample food and beverage items offered by one of the 40 different vendors which participated in the festivities Saturday, Nov. 8 in Columbia.

KMOS-TV hosted the first “Create Expo” on Saturday, Nov. 8, in Columbia. The Expo, which took about one year to plan, reflected the content broadcast on PBS’ Create Channel, which airs on 6.2 via KMOS-TV. About 1,000 people attended the six-hour event at the Parkade Center, a former Columbia Mall. It included guest speakers such as Vicki Payne, host of Create’s popular “For Your Home” program, and about 40 different vendors which provided opportunities in home, food, travel, cooking and arts categories.

“Many of the folks who came out this past weekend shared the same story. They were not just watching television, they were really focusing their attention on Create,” said Phil Hoffman, director of broadcasting services at UCM.

He noted that Columbia was selected as the location for the event, because it is the designated metropolitan area served by KMOS-TV, which is the main source of PBS programming for that region. Hoffman added that after the Expo, the president of the Create Channel requested video of the event so that the network could share it with its national board “as a model of creativity and innovation” to be considered by different PBS stations that carry Create. The Create Channel is owned by American Public Television and is nationally known for its lifestyle and how-to programs.

“We are literally the first station that has ever done this type of event with Create,” Hoffman said. He thanked staff member Sandy Kelley for coming up with the idea, and praised the assistance of other KMOS staffers for helping to execute it. Many student volunteers also filled two vans as they traveled to Columbia to assist with the event.

Hoffman said based on the success of this year’s “Create Expo,” KMOS-TV hopes to make it an annual event. He noted that in addition to providing a fun outing for Columbia area families, the Expo also gave KMOS-TV a valuable opportunity to hear directly from viewers who support UCM’s public television station, and public broadcasting in general.