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KMOS-TV Receives MBA First Place Award for Excellence

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (June 16, 2008) –  KMOS-TV, UCM’s public broadcasting station, recently received a 2008 First Place Award for Broadcasting Excellence in a Public Service Announcement or Campaign from the Missouri Broadcasters Association for local programming in conjunction with 2007 PBS broadcast of the Ken Burns series, "The War."

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Grant Provides Assistance

 KMOS-TV received grant funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to produce the local segments, which first aired in September 2007 during the nationwide broadcast of the landmark series that documented the experiences of Americans at home and on the battlefield during World War II.

Don Peterson and Dorothy McGrath, MBA Award
Donald Peterson, left, director of broadcasting services at UCM and station manager for KMOS-TV, recently presented Dorothy McGrath, manager of television and community programming for the station, with the First Place Award for Excellence in a Public Service Announcement or Campaign Programming that the station recently received from the Missouri Broadcasters Association.

Missourians Respond with Their Personal Stories

Station staffers, assisted by the staff of KMOS-TV’s sister station, KTBG-FM 90.9 The Bridge, solicited responses from viewers throughout the station’s viewing area during the summer of 2007, searching for those with their own stories to tell. The station’s production staff then traveled throughout the area, recording the firsthand accounts of these Missourians and presenting a very special view of American history through a local perspective.

Experts on Preserving Our Memories Brought Together

KMOS-TV also produced the live broadcast of "KMOS-Live: Saving Our Memories." A panel of experts fielded questions from viewers regarding the preservation of valuable, sentimental and historic items, such as letters, photographs, flags, clothing, and decorations. Tips on the proper storage of such items, as well as restoration of items that may be damaged, were presented, along with information on techniques for displaying these items without incurring damage.

The Privilege of Sharing

"As a public broadcasting affiliate, KMOS-TV was privileged to present 'The War' for the enjoyment of our viewers," said Donald Peterson, UCM’s director of broadcasting services. "To be able to expand upon that experience by allowing our friends and neighbors to tell their stories through our local production was an even greater privilege and honor."

A True Team Effort

According to Dorothy McGrath, KMOS-TV’s manager of television and community programming, the success of the KMOS-TV programming was due to the team effort of UCM’s broadcasting services staff.

"This award is for a team effort by UCM broadcasting, from the writing of the grant for funding to reaching out to our viewers and the production of the programming," McGrath said. "It was an effort that brought together all of the many talents of our television and radio personnel. But the true success of the project was due to the response from our viewers and their willingness to share their stories about a very meaningful time in their lives."

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