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Visiting Korean Students Make Gift of Original Art to Kirkpatrick Library

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (June 22, 2011) – Two South Korean students who have spent the last year studying at the University of Central Missouri have provided the university’s James C. Kirkpatrick Library with a unique gift.

Inyeong Gim and San Iin Kwon, students from Sangmyung University is Seoul, South Korea, recently presented Mollie Dinwiddie, UCM dean of library services, with the donation of an original pen and ink and watercolor drawing that represents many of the major architectural features on the UCM campus. Dinwiddie accepted the original work on behalf of the library, and the work has been framed and is on display on the second floor of the library.

Korean art students make gift to Kirkpatrick Library
Mollie Dinwiddie, left, dean of library services at the University of Central Missouri, received the gift of an original pen and watercolor drawing on behalf of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library from visiting South Korean students  Inyeong Gim, center, and San Iin Kwon, right.

Gim is a graphic design major, and Kwon is an interior design major. They will return to Seoul this summer to resume their studies. Gim hopes completed his degree and return to the United States for an internship in his field. After working in her field in her native South Korea, Kwon hopes to return to the U.S for graduate studies.

The two students approached Dinwiddie earlier this summer about making the gift to the library after they decided they wanted to show their appreciation for the opportunities they received at UCM.

“We were thrilled to accept this piece of original work,” Dinwiddie said. “We’re pleased at San Iin and Inyeong had a good year with us here at UCM, and this will be a wonderful addition to the library’s collection.”

Gim said the piece is a collage of many of the buildings at UCM, particularly those where students spend much of their time on campus.

“We looked at the web site before we chose to attend here, and noticed that UCM has some beautiful architecture,” he added. “We hope this will be a representation of how we will remember the campus.”

Kwon added she and Gim hope to encourage other South Korean students to attend UCM if they have the opportunity.

“There are not as many opportunities in South Korea for the types of courses we took here at UCM,” she said. "This has been a very rewarding experience for us."