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Learning is no Accident for Kauffman Scholars

Learning is no Accident for Kauffman Scholars

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG - 06/27/2007- A simulation giving seventh graders an opportunity to learn about the range of skills needed to investigate a serious motor vehicle accident kicks off Kauffman Scholars Technology 2010 this week at the University of Central Missouri.

Metro Area Seventh Graders Visit UCM

About 30 Missouri and Kansas students are participating in the program, many of them from metropolitan area public, private and charter schools. They will arrive on campus in the afternoon Thursday, June 28 to begin three days of classroom and field exercises that will provide them with information they need to prepare for college careers. Their campus visit concludes Saturday, June 30 with a special graduation dinner at 3:30 p.m. in the Elliott Union ballroom.

"We know they will be here only a brief time, but we hope to have a longtime impact on these young people," said Karen French, assistant director of community engagement at UCM.

She noted that the students could possibly return to campus early in their high school careers. The title of this year's event is consistent with giving students "an introduction to where we might be in 2010 in the technological world."

First-hand View of Campus Life

While at UCM, the students will spend time in the classroom getting exposure to a core curriculum that introduces them to subjects such as crime scene investigation, medical technology, robotics, television technology, information technology, and creative writing. They also will visit various campus facilities that employ new technology, participate in an agribusiness tour, and enjoy some fun activities such as sporting events with other participants.

Mock Accident Scene the Focus of 2007 Session

French said the mock accident investigation at 3 p.m. Thursday will involve emergency response personnel from the campus, city and county agencies, the Staff for Life emergency helicopter crew, and Whiteman Air Force Base's Explosives Ordinance and Disposal unit.

The simulation takes place on grass and parking areas south of Panhellenic Hall, and will involve medical victims with major and minor injuries. Students will learn first-hand how to evaluate the accident using the six disciplines that they will be exposed to in their core curriculum. WAFB EOD will conduct a robotics demonstration as part of the exercise.

Kauffman/UCM Connection

This is the third year the university has hosted Kauffman Scholars. Kauffman Scholars, Inc. is a college prep and graduation program developed by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation that works to help urban students from Kansas City graduate from college. Students enter the program in the seventh grade and are coached through college graduation.

All programs take place outside school hours, and those who join the program are expected to work hard, earn good grades, and expend the extra effort needed to succeed. Parents also must play an active role in support of the student's educational experience.

Learn More

For more information about Kauffman Scholars Technology 2010, contact UCM's Office of Community Engagement at 660-543-4158.

Kauffman Scholars 2005

2005 Kauffman Scholars celebrate the successful completion of their session at UCM.