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UCM Continues to Support MCCE Free-Loan Library

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (May 9, 2013) – Missouri educators will continue to have access to curriculum materials through the Resources@MCCE free-loan library thanks to the support of the University of Central Missouri’s College of Education.

Since 2003, the Resources@MCCE loan library has served Missouri educators by providing career education, career development, and instructional support materials on a free-loan basis.  Housed at UCM, it had been funded by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as part of the Missouri Center for Career Education.

In May 2012, DESE announced it would cease providing funds in June 2013 to the Missouri Center for Career Education for a variety of services, including the Resources@MCCE library. Michael Wright, dean of the College of Education at UCM, has committed to funding the library for one year from university funds while other funding sources for this state-wide service are sought.

“The Resources@MCCE library has been a reliable, useful service for teachers and counselors all over Missouri,” Wright said.  “MCCE staff has worked to maintain up-to-date resources and a reliable, well-known service.  We did not want to see this important service disappear, particularly for educators in districts with limited resources.  This will allow the library to continue for another year while other funding sources are explored.”

The Resources@MCCE library is relied on for its wide range of resources, frequently loaning over 500 pieces per month. So far this school year, educators have requested over 3,379 documents, DVDs and other resources from the library.  More than 4,000 teachers, counselors, and administrators in public schools throughout Missouri utilize the library, as many schools no longer have the ability to purchase extra support materials for classroom instruction.

“We work hard to match our service to the needs of Missouri teachers,” said Cathy Kahoe, coordinator of the Resources@MCCE library. “Over the years, we have streamlined the website’s check out process and sought frequent input from the field about how to improve the service.  Whether that means acquiring new resources or fine-tuning the process, we seek to make the library as useful and easy to use as possible.”

Resources@MCCE will continue to loan instructional materials, including books, DVDs, simulation activities, and professional development kits, to educators throughout Missouri during the 2013-14 school year.  Packing materials and an envelope are included with each shipment, so the only cost to educators is return shipping.  The materials are available to teachers, administrators, and counselors at elementary, middle, and junior high schools, as well as secondary and post-secondary programs.

The final year of DESE funding did not include a budget for new or replacement materials. In addition to seeking funding sources for basic library operations in coming years, MCCE staff is also exploring funding for new and replacement resources. Donations from individuals and businesses are being accepted. All donations are tax deductible.

Anyone interested in making a donation to support the library’s operations should contact Cathy Kahoe at 800-392-7217 or