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UCM Board Approves New Military Tuition Package 

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (June 16, 2011) – To make higher education more accessible and affordable for the men and women who serve this country, the University of Central Missouri is implementing a new Military Tuition Package. Action on the matter was taken by the UCM Board of Governors when it met today in plenary session.

This new initiative exempts eligible individuals enrolled at UCM from mandatory general student fees, which are not supported by military tuition assistance, while still allowing them the same student privileges as other students. The package also exempts them from the $30 application fee, the new student fee of $50, and parking permit fees which range from $25 to $50 per semester based on the type of permit.

 The Military Tuition Package becomes effective for the fall 2011 semester, and will apply to on-campus, online, and extended campus course enrollment. Active duty members in all branches of the military, their benefit-eligible spouses and dependents, are qualified for the UCM military tuition rate for a maximum of 36 months. Veterans will be eligible for the package up to 10 years after their last honorable discharge from service.

Charles Ambrose, university president, believes this initiative will benefit military personnel who want to climb the career ladder through education or who are looking for opportunities to begin new careers after leaving the service. This is a financial incentive for them to choose UCM.   

“In cooperation with the leaders and the many active duty personnel at nearby Whiteman Air Force Base we continue to explore ways to better meet education needs for thousands of individuals who have committed their lives to serving our nation. Through our conversations, we have learned that many service men and women don’t enroll in college because their current military and veteran’s benefits will not fully cover the cost of student fees,” Ambrose said. “This initiative makes a UCM education affordable for many individuals who might not otherwise be able to enroll here. It’s a great higher education incentive, not only for the men and women at Whiteman, but to others serving in all branches of military service.”

The university’s mandatory general student fees are in addition to what students pay per semester hour for an academic course, and they are designated for facilities, Pertle Springs, student activities, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, technology and the University Union. To demonstrate how such fees are assessed, during the 2011-2012 academic year, an undergraduate student who enrolls in less than nine credit hours will pay $203.50 per credit hour for instructional fees, and an additional $28 per credit hour for mandatory general fees. Students who take nine or more hours pay a flat fee of $420. Under the Military Tuition Package, students will not pay such fees.

 All students, including those eligible for the Military Tuition Package, will continue to incur material, lab or other special fees associated with some courses or degree programs, such as aviation, biology or chemistry.

The university has a large pool of students who could meet eligibility criteria. UCM’s spring enrollment reflected 422 students who were military/Veterans Administration benefit eligible. The university expects the additional enrollments generated because of the program to help offset the loss of any revenues due to not charging mandatory general student fees.