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U.S. Team Returns from Montgomery Cup Competition with Valuable Experience

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (March 28, 2011) – The University of Central Missouri Talking Mules debate team may have returned from the 2011 Montgomery Cup Tour of the United Kingdom without the Montgomery Cup trophy, but they did bring back valuable experience in debate and personal experiences that will be life-changing for the young team.

"These five first-year debaters entered the compeition against some of the finest debating societies in the world, many of whom have tradition reaching further back into history than our nation," said team coach Jack Rogers.

Representing the United States in the competition, the Talking Mules competed March 4-21 against university debate societies of Oxford, Cambridge, York, Durham, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Aberdeen and Glasgow. They retured home with 20 points for the series to the 28 scored by the United Kingdom. The U.S. Team defeated the Glasgow team 4-2, scoring 3-3 ties in four and losing two by a score of 5-1 and one by a score of 4-2.

The tour dates back to 1995 when organizers formed the competition to provide an opportunity for debate exchanges between U.S. and Britain. The U.S. team travels through Scotland, England. Wales and Ireland, competing against the best debate societies.

The U.S. team captured the title for an unprecedented seven years before losses in 2008 and 2009. They returned victorious from the 2010 competition, returning the cup to the U.S.