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Museum Hosts "Treasures from the Collections"

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG - 08/27/2007 - "Treasures from the Collections" will be on display through Oct. 5 as UCM's Arthur F. McClure II Archives and University Museum hosts an exhibit of some of the university's most valuable collections.

Unique Items on Display

A replica of a stele from
the dynasty of Ramses
II, from the Nance

The museum, located in James C. Kirkpatrick Library 1470, is taking advantage of the opportunity to open the exhibit following the recent installation of a high level security system. Some of the university's most valuable pieces from its special collections have been  brought out of secure storage to be enjoyed by the public.

Improved Security Makes Exhibit Possible

The university has received many significant pieces over the years, according to John Sheets, director of the archives and museum. While many of the pieces have been displayed, the more significant items have remained in secure storage.

"It is through the efforts of the university administration and library services that funding was made available during the past year to upgrade the security system from medium to high level," Sheets said. "This will allow us to bring together some of our most fascinating items from some of our best collections."

Nance, Schmidt and Haymaker Collections Featured

Among the items featured in the "Treasures from the Collections" are Meso-American figurines and sculptures from the highland Mexico last preclassic period, taken from the Schmidt Collection. Items from the Nance Collections include a replica of an Egyptian stele, or stone tablet, which depicts the crowning of Ramses II, and a rosewood Balinese sculpture. Also on display are items of Guatemalan art from the Haymaker Collection, a Japanese samurai helmet, ancient Chinese bronzes and a northern plains native American tribal council shirt and headdress.

An ancient bronze Chinese
wine vessel, from the
Nance Collection

A Community Resource
The Arthur F. McClure II Archives and University Museum is home to a variety of historic and culturally significant items in collections donated to or acquired by the university throughout the years. The archives preserve the university's history through the collection of items that are made available for research by students and faculty. Exhibits are maintained throughout the year for the campus and surrounding communities to enjoy.

For More Information

The museum, located in James C. Kirkpatrick Library 1470, is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. For further information, contact Vivian Richardson, assistant director and university historian, at 660-543-4649.