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UCM to Launch National Energy Retrofit Institute

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (April 27, 2011) – The University of Central Missouri, through its School of Graduate and Extended Studies, is now moving to launch the National Energy Retrofit Institute (NERI).  This education platform and consortium is being established to proliferate an energy retrofit model that can be duplicated in communities nationwide, ultimately leading to more “green” jobs for United States citizens and stronger local economies. NERI’s ultimate goal is to teach businesses the business of energy retrofit in the residential energy efficiency sector and to create jobs especially for distressed construction workers and housing professionals.

As a part of UCM’s continued commitment to education, sustainability and serving stakeholder interests it is modifying and adapting the design-build process model that created success during the last decade’s housing boom. NERI will create a structure needed to actualize nationwide sustainability and accomplish the following:

According to Joe Vaughn, dean of UCM’s School of Graduate and Extended Studies, in order to realize business and job sustainability in the residential retrofit sector, America must shift from subsidized weatherization programs to market rate programs, which expand beyond low-income homeowners. Nationally, the potential of this effort represents $1.3 trillion in new retrofit construction activity serving 130 million homes. If each home that could benefit from retrofit work invested $10,000 in energy savings projects, the nation could realize 650,000 direct, 650,000 indirect and 1.3 million induced jobs sustainable for 10 years across the country (estimates based on the Department of Commerce’s Regional Input-Output Multipliers model).

 Vaughn said NERI, similar to other UCM efforts designed help promote sustainability and “green” jobs, is “aligned with the U.S. Department of Energy’s goal to retrofit 128 million existing homes by the year 2030.”

To learn more about collaborative efforts being taken to build a skilled workforce in the growing energy retrofit sector, contact Scott Boyce at 816-875-3927, Ext. 110, or Laurel Hogue, assistant director of Extended Studies UCM’s School of Graduate and Extended Studies, at 660-543-4674 or go to