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PAS Brings “Deer Camp the Musical” to UCM

Contact: Mike Greife

WARRENSBURG, MO (Feb. 7, 2011) – Veteran comedy actor Tony Papenfuss, who played one of Larry's brothers Darryl for eight seasons on the sitcom "Newhart," is one of four actors performing in the hilarious comedy "Deer Camp the Musical," presented by the University of Central Missouri’s Performing Arts Series Friday, Feb. 11 in Hendricks Hall.

Tony Papenfuss
Tony Papenfuss

The show features songs like "Mighty Hunters," "I Could Be a Male Dancer," "Coupon Clippin' Ladies," "River of Brew" and "The Grunt Horn Song."

The 60-year-old Papenfuss said he plays a guy whose real joy in life is the annual trek to deer camp.

"When he's not at deer camp, he is dreaming of deer camp," he said. "When the yearly trip is in jeopardy, it becomes a life-and-death circumstance for him."

After decades of hunting trips, Doogski and his three friends have yet to bring home a single deer and the wives are getting suspicious. This season, their wives demand proof of their hunting skills by bringing home a deer.

This is not so easy when the thought of drinking beer and hanging out in the deer shack is more appealing than freezing in a deer stand! What to do? Shoot one, steal one, buy one?  Luckily for our guys, what happens at deer camp stays at deer camp.

Papenfuss, a Minneapolis native, auditioned for "Newhart" and read for the part of Larry, but got the part of his brother Darryl (but not his other brother Darryl). The three brothers were backwoodsmen who lived in a shack.

Papenfuss said he never spoke a word on the show until the last episode. He was also Murphy Brown's secretary in TV's "Murphy Brown" starring Candice Bergen and appeared in the TV shows "Seinfeld," "Coach" and "Star Trek DS9."

Tickets for “Deer Camp the Musical” are available by contacting the Performing Arts Series Box Office, Administration 100B, 660-543-8888, or online at