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Ownership of Radio Tower, Land Lease Transferred to County

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (March 4, 2014) – Taking advantage of an opportunity to help enhance county-wide emergency communication, the University of Central Missouri has transferred a land lease agreement and ownership of a radio tower northwest of Warrensburg to the Johnson County Emergency Services Board.

The 410-foot-tall, 24-foot- wide structure has been sold by UCM to the county at a cost of only $10. This gives the university an opportunity to put to good use the tower that was previously used for broadcasting by KTBG-FM 90.9, The Bridge. UCM officially transferred ownership of its public radio station to Kansas City public television station KCPT in December 2013.

The Johnson County Emergency Services Board voted on Feb. 18 to accept the sale and land lease transfer. The county will pay for any upgrades on the tower needed to meet operational needs and FCC requirements.

“With the sale of the radio station, the university no longer needs the tower - yet as long as it stands we would have maintenance costs, and need to retain and monitor the safety lights,” said Michael O’Keefe, interim director of Broadcasting Services at UCM. “The remaining option is to remove and scrap the structures that have many years of service in them, but this transfer will benefit residents of Johnson County. We were ecstatic to learn of their interest, and I'm glad that it has worked out. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. ”

Also included in the agreement between UCM and the Johnson County Emergency Services Board is the transfer of a lease agreement pertaining to the property and applicable structures and equipment where the tower is located near Highway H.  The university entered the lease agreement with the property owner on June 20, 2003.