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Highest Enrollment in UCM’s 140-Year History Announced

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (Sept. 20, 2011) – With 11,750 students attending classes this fall, the University of Central Missouri proudly announces the highest enrollment in the institution’s 140-year history.

Rick Sluder, vice provost for enrollment management, on Thursday updated the UCM Board of Governors on the Sept. 13 census date enrollment, noting that it not only indicates an all-time record number of students on campus, but continues a steady string of annual enrollment increases that began in 2005. The total number of students enrolled in fall classes is up 438, a significant jump from the same period in 2010. Total student enrollment also is an increase of 119 students over the previous record set in 1992 when there were 11,631 students at UCM.

While noting factors that contributed to the student increase, University President Charles Ambrose commended the campus community for working together to make prospective students feel welcome through more personal contact. He borrowed from a popular theme on campus, adding, “It’s exciting to see this kind of growth at UCM and to know that so many students have decided to ‘Choose Red’ to meet their education goals. We’re grateful to have an opportunity to engage students and focus on their success for the future.”

 Sluder noted, “We have had a campus-wide commitment to enrollment, which has included deans, department chairs, program coordinators, and faculty members writing to prospective students. Their contact with students highlighting the educational value UCM provides has made a difference.”

The healthy enrollment outlook includes 1,685 first-time freshmen, which is an increase of 115 students over a year ago. The number of transfer students also is slightly up from a year ago with 961 students in fall 2011, compared to 944 in 2010.

International enrollment climbed 16 percent from last year, and the 558 students attending UCM from foreign countries is a record. The international office expects five more students to arrive on campus in October for a mid-semester intensive English program.

Sluder said new initiatives such as the Military Tuition Package, which was approved earlier this year by the Board of Governors, also contributed to more students. There are 506 individuals on campus who are enrolled in the program, up from 427 students who qualified at the time the package was approved. This new initiative is open to active duty military personnel, their spouses and dependents and veterans, and eliminates additional fees that are charged above academic course fees.