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Survey Reveals Students Satisfied with UCM Experience

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (Aug. 6, 2009) – Recent research shows that when it comes to student satisfaction with their college experience, UCM exceeds the national average in many student expectation areas.

Student input, showing that 93 percent of the students are satisfied overall with their college experience compared to 91 percent nationally, was provided in the Noel-Levitz Satisfaction Inventory Survey. It was completed by approximately 1,700 undergraduate students at UCM during the spring 2009 semester.

An instrument widely used in the higher education community, the SSI survey covered a broad spectrum of university life and helped measure the extent to which UCM meets or exceeds its students’ expectations. It also benchmarked their responses against those from a national sample of four-year public university students.

Information collected included 73 areas that students rated by level of importance and indicated how UCM is meeting their needs. When the institution meets or exceeds students’ expectations, then satisfaction is achieved.

“The results of the survey are quite promising,” said Matt Melvin. “When compared to national four-year public institutions, UCM had higher levels of satisfaction than national four-year publics on 67 of the 73 survey items with 56 of those having statistically significant levels of improved satisfaction.” The last survey was taken in 2007.

Eleven expectations of greatest importance to UCM students and highest satisfaction are:

Nine items on the survey asked respondents to rate their enrollment decision factors. The “cost” of attending UCM was the most important factor in students’ decisions to enroll at the university, followed by the availability of financial aid and the university’s academic reputation.    

Melvin stressed the value of the survey, noting that by understanding what types of services and programs are most important to students, the university can plan and allocate resources that will help ensure the institution is meeting student expectations.

Results of the SSI were compiled by UCM’s Office of Institutional Research.