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Selmo Park Archival and Retrieval Team Named By Board

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (Sept. 25, 2014) – The University of Central Missouri Board of Governors has named five individuals who will be charged with selecting materials in Selmo Park, the president’s former residence, to be retrieved for archival purposes or other uses by UCM before the main house is removed from the property.

Board action Sept. 19 follows a decision that was made during the governing body’s Aug. 21 session to not move forward with an estimated $2 million in structural repairs to the main house, built in 1866, and work on the property’s driveway, gazebo and other buildings. Citing a need to be fiscally responsible, the board voted to remove the house from the property, and in its place provide a green area, until the university determines another use for Selmo Park. Recognizing the historical significance of the home, the board also included in its decision a provision to appoint individuals to determine which materials from the house should be archived.

The archival team appointed by the board includes John Sheets, interim director of the Arthur F. McClure Archives and Museum and professor emeritus of anthropology, who will service as coordinator; Joy Stevenson, director emerita of the international center; Vivian Richardson, university archivist and assistant director of the Arthur F. McClure Archives and Museum; Amber Clifford-Napoleone, curator of museum collections at the Arthur F. McClure Archives and Museum; and Jeff Yelton, associate professor of anthropology.

Before making its decision to remove the house, the university hired Burns & McDonnell to assess the property in early April 2014. This occurred shortly before Selmo Park experienced excessive water intrusion due to spring storms and a sewage backup that compounded structural issues at the main house.  No decision has been made regarding the timeframe for removal of the house.

Board President Marvin “Bunky” Wright, Columbia, said the archival and retrieval team will carry out its task within the next 60 days and report back to the board in November.