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The Crossing Technology Infrastructure, Selmo Park Among Board Considerations

Contact: Jeff Murphy
WARRENSBURG, MO (Aug. 21, 2014) –The final steps in a multi-year renovation project to Keth Memorial Golf Course, a university revenue-producing and recreational asset, and technological infrastructure improvements at The Crossing – South at Holden student housing and retail project were approved by the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors Thursday, Aug. 21. The board also voted not to move forward with a projected $2 million in repairs associated with Selmo Park.

The board’s decision on Selmo Park followed discussion about a property assessment that was presented to the board July 21 by representatives of Burns & McDonnell Engineering, Kansas City. The firm was hired by the university to study the property in April 2014. Soon afterward, Selmo Park experienced excessive water intrusion due to spring storms and a sewage backup that compounded existing structural issues. The assessment by Burns & McDonnell included numerous structural repairs to the main house, built in 1866, including demolition and reconstruction/ restoration of the interior, and work on the property’s driveway, gazebo and other buildings.

“Recognizing Selmo Park’s long history on campus, the board’s decision was difficult,” said Marvin “Bunky” Wright, board president from Columbia. “At the end of the day, the board has to be fiscally responsible, and this requires making decisions that are truly in our students’ best interest. First and foremost, we must provide the highest quality education we can offer at the lowest possible cost.”

“Spending $2 million on an 1866 structure that does not directly benefit students, and will continue to require ongoing maintenance, is simply not fiscally responsible at a time when state financial support needed to meet our educational goals is declining,” Wright added.

After lengthy discussion, the board unanimously approved a motion to remove the house at Selmo Park, and in its place provide a green area, until the university determines another use.

It will also designate individuals to select materials in the house that should be retrieved for archival purposes or other uses by the university. No date has been determined for structural removal on the property.

With construction on The Crossing – South at Holden student housing and retail project underway, the board authorized spending contingency funds totaling $941,496 to make four additional improvements that encompass the new structure, and the adjacent football stadium, which is part of the multi-faceted project. This includes upgrades that will enhance the information technology infrastructure and improve fiber optic capability at The Crossing, as well as north and east retaining wall replacement at Audrey J. Walton Stadium at Vernon Kennedy Field, improved storm water drainage north of the stadium grandstand, and installation of landscape irrigation for The Crossing.

Continuing to make improvements to Keth Memorial Golf Course at Pertle Springs, the university has been working with Burns & McDonnell, and with CE Golf Course Design, to renovate greens on the university-owned public golf course. The greens were constructed in 1972 and standard life expectancy is estimated at 30-35 years. At a total cost of $166,307, the board approved completion of renovation designs, seeking required regulatory permits, and preparing request for proposals documents that would be needed prior to moving forward with the contractor bidding process needed for renovation. Funded through the UCM Foundation, the final phase of renovation is the green upgrades.