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UCM Department of Music Receives Steinway Pianos

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG, MO (Oct. 27, 2016) – The University of Central Missouri Department of Music recently celebrated the arrival of 13 Steinway pianos, continuing its commitment to making the finest instruments available to its students and reinforcing UCM’s designation as an All-Steinway School.

Mia Hynes and Steinway concert grand 2016
Mia Hynes, professor of piano pedagogy, prepares to rehearse on the Steinway concert grand recently delivered to Hart Recital Hall at UCM.

The most recent purchase of the new pianos completes the strategic acquisition of Steinway and Boston pianos, bringing the total number of Steinway and Boston pianos in use by the Department of Music to 64.  This includes a second Steinway concert grand for use in Hart Recital hall and three small Steinway grand pianos for instructional use. The remainder of the pianos are designed and marketed by Steinway under the Boston brand, and will be used for instruction. The acquisition includes the trade of 12 pianos that have been used for instruction and performance.

“We initially purchased 26 Boston rehearsal pianos in January 2006, followed by a second purchase of 22 pianos in December 2006 that included a Steinway concert grand and three smaller Steinway grand pianos, earning UCM the designation as an All-Steinway School,” said Mia Hynes, professor of piano pedagogy. “With this acquisition, we have now reached a longtime goal of the Department of Music and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences of making 100 percent of our pianos either Steinway or Boston. We have fulfilled a commitment we made to our students to provide them with the best quality pianos possible.”

The new nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano joins the first Steinway concert grand purchased in December 2006 onstage in Hart Recital Hall.  Each purchase included the trade-in of currently owned pianos.

Group photo with Steinway grand 2016
Celebrating the delivery of the second Steinway concert grand piano for the Hart Recital Hall stage are, left to right, Michael Sekelsky, associate dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Gersham Nelson, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Mia Hynes, professor of piano pedagogy; Deborah Curtis, provost and chief learning officer; Jon Hynes, instructor of applied piano; and Scott Lubaroff, chair of the Department of Music.

According to Harry Reed of Schmitt Music Company, Kansas City, who arranged the purchase for the university, UCM is one of only 176 schools worldwide to earn the All-Steinway School designation.

“All-Steinway schools are renowned for their commitment to providing the best for their students,” he said. “There are only three schools in Missouri in addition to UCM with the All-Steinway School designation.”

“This is magnificent,” Hynes said. “I’m the envy of my colleagues when I tell them UCM is an All-Steinway School. They want to know how we made it possible, and I tell them with the help of a very supportive administration that believes in the providing the best for students.”

“The quality of instruction in the UCM Department of Music is well known among our peers in higher education,” said Scott Lubaroff, department chair. “It is rewarding to know that our students will benefit from this kind of commitment to excellence as they pursue their degrees.”

“UCM has long established a tradition of excellence in Music and the Arts, so our All-Steinway School designation merely underscores our determination to be among the very best,” said Gersham Nelson, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. “It is important that music students recognize, even before arriving on campus, that they are expected to compete and excel at the highest levels.”

For more information about the UCM Department of Music degree programs and public performances, visit or call 660-543-4530.