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Parking Plan at The Crossing Includes Accommodations for Business Patrons

Contact: Jeff Murphy

WARRENSBURG, MO (July 9, 2015) – As the University of Central Missouri prepares to open The Crossing – South at Holden, a parking plan is being announced for campus and community residents who wish to patronize new businesses at UCM’s first student housing-retail establishment. The plan is part of an overall effort to accommodate university growth, while also serving the community.

Scheduled to open this fall, The Crossing is situated within easy walking distance to downtown Warrensburg. In addition to housing up to 325 upper-class UCM students, it offers a retail front door to the local community through businesses such as the two-level, 15,000-square-foot University Store and adjacent convenience store; Starbucks coffee shop; and SPIN! Pizza.

To help encourage local use of these mixed-use facilities, the university is designating 53 spaces on the north side of the building as free parking for retail customers. Dan Othic, captain of police operations in the UCM Department of Public Safety, said the university is balancing available parking space with a desire to provide customer convenience and maximize use of these business facilities. As a result, a one-hour time limit will be designated for parking in this lot. 

“The goal is to provide turnover in parking for the businesses in order to accommodate more customers,” Othic said. He noted that individuals who expect to spend more than one hour in the establishments may want to consider other parking options, such as nearby on-street parking, where there are no time limitations. Individuals who arrive on campus after 5 p.m. weekdays or visit on weekends can park in university faculty/ staff and student permit lots across the street  from The Crossing, but retail parking at the new complex will still have a one-hour time limit.

 The retail lot at The Crossing will be the first to employ a combination of new web-based technology and parking sensors to help monitor usage, according to Othic.

“An additional benefit of the parking monitoring system is that it will allow us to analyze historical data for the lot,” Othic said. “We will be able to look at usage and determine peak use times to help us decide if additional parking in other adjacent lots is needed. It also will allow us to review the initial one-hour limit for parking and determine if it is a sufficient amount of time for patrons.”

In devising a parking plan, he added that Parking Services consulted with other institutions, business owners and UCM housing officials. Othic stressed the primary goal is to ensure the business lot is being used as it is intended - for customer use only. Those attending classes are advised to park in student lots, which also are being addressed this summer.

The retail spaces at The Crossing are part of an overall campus plan to enhance parking for fall 2015. In addition to the 53 retail spaces this project provides, about 400 new spaces will open up on the west side of campus to help accommodate student growth. Contributing to this increase in parking facilities is a new student lot expected to open near the start of the fall semester, at the corner of South and Washington streets. Thanks to properties acquired by the university, additional lots are being created west of Audrey J. Walton Stadium, between McGoodwin and King streets, and the university hopes to open them by the first home football game. Actual dates of availability for all of these new lots are contingent upon weather, which could affect construction. All of these parking facilities will be lighted, paved, and new curbs and gutters installed to promote good drainage. Trees and green space also will be included to provide a more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming appeal.

“We want to make sure these lots tie in with everything else that is new at The Crossing,” Othic said.

As part of the new parking plan,  Lot 52, on the south side of the Central Missouri Police Academy at Washington and South streets, will be re-designated as a faculty/staff lot, and Lot 67, directly north of The Crossing, will be a student lot, accommodating many of the new mixed-use facility’s residents. It also can help accommodate evening and weekend visitors to the new retail businesses, if the retail lot is full.

Anyone who has questions about parking at UCM should contact Parking Services at 660- 543-4098 or