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UCM's "Creative Engine" Gathers Steam

UCM's "Creative Engine" Gathers Steam

Contact: Mike Greife
WARRENSBURG - 02/23/2007- Area not-for-profit organizations can benefit from the expertise of UCM art and graphic design students as the UCM Department of Art launches "The Creative Engine" Monday and Tuesday, April 2-3.

 A 24-Hour Marathon of Creativity

In its fourth year, The Creative Engine is an annual 24-hour marathon of free graphic design assistance provided by the best and brightest of the university's aspiring graphic designers. Proposals are being solicited for design projects such as logos, newsletters, event posters, brochures, web pages and print ads.

Submit Proposals by March 12

Not-for-profit organizations from the off-campus community should submit their proposals to the UCM Department of Art for consideration by Monday, March 12. Under the direction of the commercial art faculty, projects will be selected and assigned to student creative teams for completion during the 24-hour marathon, which begins at 10 a.m. April 2 and ends at 10 a.m. April 3.

Organizations interested in submitting proposals should provide the name of the organization with a description of what service the organization provides to the community, along with a design brief detailing what the organization would like The Creative Engine to provide. Contact information, including a contact name, address and telephone number also should be provided.

Completed Designs Presented to Those Selected

The selected organizations will be asked to provide all relevant materials, including photos and text, no later than Monday, March 26. Completed designs will be presented by the teams as camera-ready digital files or other suitable placement formats to the organizations at a time and place of the organization's choosing.

Organizations receiving the designs are responsible for placement and use of the designs. The Creative Engine can not be responsible for on-going maintenance of completed projects such as newsletters and web pages. All work is pro-bono and final.

Contributing to the Community

"This project provides our students with the opportunity to contribute to the community," said John Lynch, project director and associate professor of art. "It also allows them to gain valuable experience in developing a project with a client and seeing it through to completion."

For More Information

Proposals may be submitted to The Creative Engine, Department of Art, AC 120, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO 64093. For further information, contact Lynch at 660-543-4499.