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Accommodations for Equal Opportunity

Accommodations are services or changes in policy or procedure that level the playing field for students with disabilities.

 Below is a sampling of accommodations to make academics and college life more accessilble.

In the Classroom


  • Record lectures
  • Note taker
  • Alternative searting in class
  • Closed caption for videos, films, etc.
  • Sign language interpreter or transcriptionist
  • Occasional excused absence when due to disability
  • Large font for printed materials.

Taking Exams

  • Test in a quiet area in the OAS office
  • Extended time for exams and in-class projects
  • Reader/scribe

Residential Life

  • Accessible residence halls and apartments in various living environments on campus

Equal Access to Other Services

  • Accessible parking
  • Wheelchair and mobility accessibility
  •  -  Campus access
  •  -  University sponsored events
  •  -  Internship sites
  • Alternate format textbooks:
  •  -  Word document, readable PDF, audio, Braille
  •  -  Provided via email, MP3 device, loaded to phone or computer
  • Service dogs and emotional support animals
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) for persons with vision impairments



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