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Chamber of Commerce Student Member Program

Build your Network

The Chamber of Commerce Student Member Program is a partnership between the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce and the Health and Wellness Promotion office, designed to provide a select group of students with opportunities to connect with local professionals, build communication skills, improve confidence, and create connections to begin developing a professional network.

The program is open to UCM students from any major and any year in school, and is designed to follow the academic year. If you live in or near Warrensburg, you're welcome to continue your participation through the summer after the academic year. Participants may be invited back for additional time.

Members of the Warrensburg Young Professionals group (WYP) provide mentorship to program participants.

Applications will be reviewed by Chamber and Wellness Support staff and WYP members, and select applicants will be invited to an interview. 

Requirements for participation in the program are:

  • Demonstrate interest in community involvement and the development of professional skills.
  • Desire to learn about and give back to the Warrensburg community.
  • A recommendation from a UCM faculty or staff member, or a local business person.
  • Current cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Not on academic or disciplinary probation with UCM.
  • Attendance at a Chamber Member Orientation.
  • Volunteer for at least one Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce event per semester.

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