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Health and Wellness Promotion

Education, Engagement, and Prevention

Through a wide variety of support programs and services, Health and Wellness Promotion at UCM can help you stay safe and healthy, and help you get connected to local community resources. We believe education, engagement, and prevention are powerful tools, and we're here to help you use them.

Our office uses the Spectrum of Prevention tool, which promotes a range of activities for effective prevention. Used nationally in prevention initiatives, including violence prevention and injury prevention, it provides a framework for a more comprehensive understanding of prevention, including six levels for strategy development. Learn more about the Spectrum of Prevention.

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Green Dot

Green Dot is a way to reduce power-based personal violence on campus and in our community, through bystander intervention skills and a commitment to creating a culture that doesn't tolerate power-based personal violence.

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Learn to make healthy choices regarding alcohol and drugs and how to respond to the choices of those around you.

To support student success and promote a safe and healthy environment at UCM, every first year student under the age of 24 must complete AlcoholEdu at the beginning of their college career. 

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Sexual Assault Prevention program

We believe you should have the opportunity to learn in a safe and civil environment, free from sexual and interpersonal violence.  Sexual Assault Prevention is an engaging online program that provides you with important prevention skills and strategies to help promote respectful relationships.

All newly-admitted students are required to take and complete this program.

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Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO is a short program that provides non-judgemental feedback.

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Marijuana eCHECKUP TO GO

Marijuana eCHECKUP TO GO is a short program that provides non-judgemental feedback.

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Off Campus Living

Check out this page for workshops to help you know your rights and responsibilities as a renter before you move off campus, places to rent, as well as community organizations and social services.

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It's On Us student organization

This student organization raises awareness about sexual assault, dating violence, as well as stalking and effective prevention methods.

CCH staff are advisors to this organization.

To learn more about It's On Us, open your MyCentral account, then under Student, click “Activities” and search for It's On Us in the Special Interest category.

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Friendship Families

The Friendship Families program connects international students with local families and individuals to help build cultural awareness and appreciation, while providing students with a sense of connection to the Warrensburg community.

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Chamber of Commerce Student Member Program

Connect with local professionals, build your confidence and communication skills, and add to your resume with this free program.

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Internships and Volunteer Positions

If you are passionate about the issues we address and are interested in volunteering or interning in the Office of Campus Community Health, please contact our office at 660-543-8947.

Educational Programs for Classes and Organizations

Our office provides fun and interactive educational programs for UCM students to encourage them to make good decisions. If you would like to request a program for your group or organization, email latare@ucmo.edu.

Partnerships and Coalitions

  • The Community Culture of Responsible Choice (CCoRC) is a coalition of community members from UCM, Whiteman AFB, Warrensburg, and Knob Noster who are working in a joint effort to change the environment in regards to underage alcohol access, education and consumption. 
  • Missouri Partners in Prevention provides evaluation, funding, training and technical assistance, and coalition building expertise to Missouri college campuses in support of efforts to create a campus, city, and state environment that supports responsible decisions regarding alcohol.  

  • The Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence is a statewide membership coalition of organizations and individuals working to end violence against women and their children through direct services and social and systemic change.



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