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About ALEC / Reserve ALEC

Overview and Purpose of ALEC

The Active Learning Engagement Classroom (ALEC) is located in the James C. Kirkpatrick Library, in rm. 1268 (on the 1st floor). Designed in the fall of 2017, ALEC enables faculty to engage with innovative teaching technologies paired with pedagogical advancement in a real classroom environment. ALEC provides a research-based approach to teaching instructors new technologies by implementing the EDUCAUSE versatile classroom model. Faculty can test ideas in ALEC in collaboration with the Digital Learning and Instructional Innovation staff to determine what new technologies best support their instruction.


Active Learning Engagement Classroom (ALEC) in use

How do I get to use ALEC?

Digital Learning and Instructional Innovation offers open houses on the use of ALEC throughout the year. Individuals and groups interested in learning about ALEC can schedule a time with DLII by contacting Mike de Laurier.

Faculty interested in teaching in the ALEC need to submit a request - use the button below.

Reserve ALEC

ALEC Showing Two Active Learning Displays

ALEC Use Guidelines

ALEC is intended for faculty teaching an entire semester, enabling the faculty to have consistent and continuous experiences teaching in an active learning environment.

Requests to use ALEC for less than a semester may be made; however, full semester requests will take priority.

All requests, including full semester, partial semester, and ad hoc (one time) use must submit an email requesting reservation of the ALEC Classroom to Michael de Laurier.

Faculty who have never taught in the ALEC room will have priority over faculty who have. Faculty who want to teach in ALEC again may submit a request and will be put on a waiting list.

Class size is limited to a maximum of 28 students.

All uses of ALEC require faculty to complete training, so please allow plenty of time prior to first use (2 weeks is highly recommended) to do so. Unless there are technology changes significant enough to require additional training, no recertification is required for active users.

As an active learning environment, faculty are expected to use active learning techniques. DLII staff are able to guide and facilitate use of these techniques based on the student learning outcomes of the course/class.

At the end of each semester, faculty and students will be asked to complete a brief online survey about their experiences. Faculty and students will be given the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement in the ALEC room.


80” Newline Interactive Multi-Touch monitor with on-board computer



ALEC room in use



Integrated Room Controller

ALEC Equipment and Functionality

Main Instructional Display

What is it?

  • An 80” Newline Interactive Multi-Touch monitor with on-board computer
  • A Mersive Solstice Pod

What can it do?

  • It can be used to display presentation slides, websites, documents, images, etc.
  • The user can interface with software and the OS system via a wireless keyboard / mouse or by touching the multi-touch screen. (Interactive whiteboard software is included to allow for single touch or multi-touch activities)
  • The Interactive display gives you three input options:
    • Input via the on-board computer (no BYOD device needed)
    • Input via HDMI/VGA connection (use your laptop or tablet via HDMI/VGA cable)
    • Input via wireless connectivity using the Mersive Solstice Pod app (use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to display to the monitor)

Two Active Learning Displays

What are they?

  • Two 55” monitors each with a Mersive Solstice Pod

What can they do?

  • Each monitor operates independently of each other and independently of the Main Instructional Display.
  • Two input options are available at each display:
    • Input via HDMI/VGA connection (use your laptop or tablet via HDMI/VGA cable).
    • Input via wireless connectivity using the Mersive Solstice Pod app (use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to display to the monitor)

Integrated Room Controller

What is it?

  • The Integrated Room Controller is a touch screen that allows you to control the instructional technology in the classroom

What does it do?

  • “Turns on” and “Turns off” equipment in the room with a single press of a button
  • Route any of the input options to any of the display options - Interactive Display, POD 1 Monitor, POD 2 Monitor, or Combined Monitors
Movable tables

Active Learning Techniques

ALEC is designed for teaching using active learning techniques. There are hundreds of active learning techniques that can be used throughout an entire semester. Plus, you can use more than one. When you go through required training, you will learn a few to get you started. Check back often for the latest in active learning best practice information.

How ALEC supports institutional priorities and / or KPI’s

  • Directly supports future-focused academics
  • Provides an Active Learning environment that enables richer learning experiences for students
  • Provides technology components supporting group work
  • Supports BYOD, which can be displayed on any of the multiple monitors
  • Allows academic productivity where faculty can improve pedagogy that supports active student learning


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