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3.1.070 Charter Schools Policies and Procedures

University of Central Missouri Policy

Policy Name:   Charter Schools Policies and Procedures

Date Approved:  Approved by the Board of Governors on December 14, 2001
Formatting updated August 1, 2007
Revised and approved by the Board of Governors on April 30, 2015

Policy Category:  Academic Affairs

Date Effective:  

Policy Number:  3.1.070

Date Last Revised:  April 30, 2015

Approval Authority:   Board of Governors 

Review Cycle:

Responsible Department



These policies are proposed for adoption by the University of Central Missouri, Board of Governors to implement Sections 160.400 -160.425, RSMo.

I. Responsibilities of the University of Central Missouri, Acting as Sponsor Pursuant to Section 160.400, RSMo.

A.  UCM administrators will act on authority delegated from the Board of Governors or from the provost for academic affairs.

B. The University of Central Missouri has no obligation to agree to serve as sponsor, and a determination not to approve a charter or a decision not to serve as sponsor cannot be appealed. Approval of the charter and agreement to serve as sponsor is entirely at the discretion of the sponsor.

C. UCM will provide information about UCM's expectations for charters consisting of statutory and regulatory compliance and best practice expectations to the charter school governing board(s) sponsored by UCM.

D. The University of Central Missouri as sponsor (“Sponsor”) shall perform operational reviews. These reviews include financial audits, professional assessments and all facets of school operations.  The Sponsor delegates to the provost for academic affairs or his or her designee the following responsibilities, to include but not limited to:

  1. Set the calendar for operational reviews and determine the necessary scope of monitoring plans.

  2. Conduct informal assessments on a regular and ongoing basis.

  3. Conduct formal operational reviews at least every two years. Formal reviews may occur on an annual basis if Sponsor requires.

  4. Prepare a written report summarizing Sponsor’s findings from operational reviews.

  5. Appoint qualified individuals with relevant expertise to perform operational reviews.

  6. Develop procedures to support the governing boards of Sponsor’s charter schools.

  7. Develop and maintain procedures stating the general conditions that may trigger intervention and the types of actions and consequences that may occur (e.g. probationary status).

  8. Develop procedures that base the renewal process and renewal decisions on thorough analyses of a comprehensive body of objective evidence.

  9. Develop procedures for the revocation of a charter when there is poor governance by a charter school’s governing board or there is clear evidence of extreme underperformance or violation of law or the public trust that imperils students or public funds.

  10. Develop procedures to oversee and work with charter school governing boards and leadership in the event of school closure.  The procedures shall include detailed closure protocol that ensures timely notification to parents; orderly transition of students and student records to new schools; and disposition of school funds, property and assets in accordance with Missouri law.

E. Affiliate Agreement by and between Sponsor and Charter School

No charter school sponsored by UCM may "affiliate with" UCM pursuant to Section 160.400.10, RSMo. without the approval of the provost for academic affairs. Faculty, staff and students of UCM may desire to engage charter school in some of the activities listed under this subsection. Sponsor will, at its discretion, offer the services and seek the benefits of affiliation status as set forth in subsection 10.

F. Probationary Status

  1. The Sponsor will place charter school on probationary status when warranted.

  2. The Sponsor delegates to the provost for academic affairs, or his or her designee, the development of a remedial plan when appropriate.

G. Revocation of Charter

  1. The Sponsor will revoke a charter when warranted.
  2. If the Board of Governors votes to revoke the charter, the board of directors for the charter school will be provided with written notice of the Board of Governors’ intent to revoke the charter, effective no sooner than 60 days after the action expressing intent to revoke.  The notice will include the specific grounds for the action taken by the Board of Governors.

  3. The Sponsor delegates to the provost for academic affairs, or his or her designee, the development of guidelines for the revocation process and procedures to conduct an administrative hearing upon determination by the Sponsor that grounds exist to revoke a charter.

II. Application and Approval of Proposed Charter - Responsibilities and Obligations of UCM (Section 160.403.1, RSMo.)

A. An applicant for a proposed charter sponsored by UCM must have established a nonprofit corporation pursuant to Chapter 355, RSMo.

B. Sponsor delegates to the provost for academic affairs, or his or her designee, the development of procedures for the process to be used by charter school governing board(s) to submit a proposed charter to the Sponsor.

C. Charter school governing board(s) may submit a charter to Sponsor for review using the procedures developed by Sponsor and forwarding the proposed charter to the UCM Office of Charter Schools.

III. Amending a Charter

A. The charter may be amended at the request of the governing body of the charter school. Sponsor makes the final determination to approve the proposed amendment.

B. Sponsor may solicit such a request from the governing body of the charter school.

IV. Charter School Contract – Sponsors Authorizing Signature

As it relates to Charter School Contracts, The Board of Governors delegates authority to the provost to sign all Charter School Contracts when the terms and conditions of the Contract have been approved by the Board of Governors.


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