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Graduate Studies

Who We Are

The Office of Graduate Studies provides support and resources to graduate students and faculty. When you choose the University of Central Missouri for your graduate studies, you are choosing a graduate education that will give you a unique perspective along with the practical experience you need for success in the real world.   

What We Do

Our office provides direction, development, and oversight for graduate education and graduate research at the University.  We foster an intellectual environment characterized by excellence in teaching and learning and discipline-based scholarship; coordinate graduate program assessment efforts; and advocate for graduate education and research to internal and external stakeholders. 

Among our many responsibilities:

  • Graduate Council, graduate faculty assembly, and graduate program coordinators
  • graduate policies, governance, curriculum, and program development
  • graduate faculty status
  • graduate assistants
  • thesis support with final approval for degree completion
  • funding for faculty and students with travel and research budgets
  • graduate student appeals
  • UCM Scholars Symposium


Funding for Your Success

Graduate Studies will connect you with the scholarly funding and support you need for professional development, travel provisions and research grants.  If you live in a state bordering Missouri you’ll receive the UCM Bound Out-of-State Scholarship, which allows you to pay in-state tuition.  UCM also offers graduate assistant positions each year to many qualified graduate students.  



“UCM’s graduate program gave me the opportunity to gain a unique perspective and the essential skills needed for my career field. The program’s practical experience allowed me to transfer the knowledge gained from my program to real-world applications.”

Melissa Tebbenkamp,

B.S., Elementary Education and Teaching ’01, M.S., Educational Technology ’03




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