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Test Prep Center


GEA Test Prep

The Test Prep Center provides electronic and print resources to help students prepare for the General Education Assessment (GEA). Whether you need general suggestions about preparing for the GEA for the first time or need additional practice before a retake, the Test Prep Center can provide support. Students will learn what to expect, practice sample questions and effectively prepare for their exam. You can start with our GEA overview slides: Stress Less About the Test.


GEA Retakes 

Students retaking the GEA are required to attend three GEA workshops. This includes one workshop in each Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math. Attendance at workshops is documented and shared with Testing Services. Workshops are held weekly and seating is limited. Spaces can be reserved using your appointment scheduler.

Once students have participated in the three required workshops, they have completed the Learning Commons GEA retake process. Students looking for additional help in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math can schedule one on one sessions with GEA subject tutors by contacting the Learning Commons directly. Appointments should only be scheduled after completing the workshop sequence and tutoring sessions do not replace workshop attendance.


GEA Resources

GEA Workshops

The Test Prep Center in the Learning Commons offers workshops every week to introduce you to the GEA and prepare you for different subject areas. Workshops can be attended in person or online using Zoom. Students attending workshops online must schedule an appointment and email the Learning Commons for your workshop link.

GEA Workshops:  

Day of Week Times Topic Location
Monday 1pm Intro to the GEA JCKL 3005
Tuesday 1pm & 6pm GEA-Reading Comprehension JCKL 3005
Wednesday 1pm & 6pm GEA-Writing JCKL 3005
Thursday 1pm & 6pm GEA-Math JCKL 3005


GEA Tutoring

GEA tutoring sessions are for students who have already attended GEA workshops and are looking for additional help. Students can schedule appointments to work with our GEA Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math tutors for individualized test review. GEA tutoring is available by appointment only

Additional GEA Practice Resources

Students new to the GEA can start by reviewing these slides, Stress Less About the Test

Students can work through practice problems in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math using the Learning Express Library. These materials will provide practice content that may be included in the GEA. Students will need to set-up an account to access test prep materials.

  1. If this is your first time using the Learning Express Library, you will need to Register. Create an account using your UCM student email address. You do not need to enter a student # or Course Section #. 
  2. Select the “College Students” option from the main LearningExpress Library screen.
  3. To practice for the GEA, select either “Math Skills Review,” “Reading Skills Review,” or “Grammar and Writing Skills Review” to get started. There are several sections of content under each review area. 
  4. It is recommended that students complete the following sections:
  5. Math Skills Review- one Algebra Practice exam
  6. Grammar and Writing Skills Review - one Writing exam
  7. Reading Skills Review - one exam each in Informational Reading, Literacy Reading, and General Reading
  8. Students can utilize all of the resources in the Learning Express Library for additional practice.


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