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Performing Arts at UCM


Magic of Ireland

Long before the 7 minute TV exposure that Riverdance performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996, Irish Dancing has been a tradition as long as there has been music to perform to.  Evoking a time and place steeped in legend, folk-lore and enchantment, The Magic of Ireland offers a truly authentic Irish cultural experience. The show is all live, featuring an example of some of the finest competition award-winning dancers accompanied by superb traditional musicians.

Experience a spectacular evening of traditional Irish dance, music and song enhanced by stunning costumes, lighting and sound. This is indeed, the Magic of Ireland.  This musical production has toured extensively throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, performing over 400 shows. The troupe cast consist of 10 to 12 regular members all of whom are champion Irish dancers, accompanied by up to 5 multi-instrumentalists singing and playing the accordion, fiddle, guitar, Bahrain, pipes, whistles and flutes.

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For more information on the show or to view video of performances, visit their website

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