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2 Poems by Tomaz Salamun


Christ first tied up Lazarus with approximately
twenty miles of long beige thread. He looked
more like a ball than a man.
Then Christ wrenched out his tongue, hacked it to pieces
and made a kebab.
He stepped on a vein
and only then Lazarus stood up.

Translated from the Slovenian by Joshua Beckman and the author



Fool, open the door!
If you fall from the balcony, I will turn away.
I will jump on your body.
Blood will spurt all the way back to the balcony.
You don’t like me!
Fool, you are a cautious fool!
You think you will watch the sunset and I will be beneath the balcony?
I need your body!
Fool, give me your hand!
I don’t like you having eyes brighter than mine!
Look what I bought myself!
Do you see these weapons?
Do you know what they are for?
Do you know why I bought a ladder?
I am telling you, if you don’t jump down, I will come up!
I will cut you up with all these hammers to store for winter.
When there is ice on the balcony, I’ll be eating fresh blood.
Flies will crash into my head and drop
dead from the balcony.

Translated from the Slovenian by Ana Jelnikar and Joshua Beckman