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15-To-Finish Scholarship
15-To-Finish Scholarship

Doug Koch

Vice Provost of Academic Programs & Services

Doug Koch, Ph.D.



The vice provost for academic programs and services represents the provost as assigned.


Responsibilities include oversight of the following programs and committees:


Academic Program Review - Evaluates five-year review reports of existing academic programs and make recommendations focusing on contribution to the University mission, academic quality, and resource adequacy and utilization efficiency. The APRC reviews are completed in accordance with the Internal Program Review Process and Timetable.


Assessment of Teaching and Learning and CQIP - Establishing a culture of quality at Central is the driving force of Central's Quality Improvement Program, more commonly known as CQIP. The program's purpose is to improve the quality of student learning and student support services. In addition to standardized and locally developed assessments in general education and the major field, Central utilizes a variety of opinion surveys designed to measure student perceptions of their experiences at the university, both academic and nonacademic.  The information derived from assessment activities is used to facilitate student learning and development, to promote faculty and staff growth, and to improve the quality of academic and nonacademic programs, services, and facilities.


General Education Program - General education helps assure UCM students are ready to be successful in major-related courses, have the range of knowledge and skills employers seek, and are ready to apply all these skills to career and life. UCM’s general education curriculum includes 10 areas of understanding, known as competencies.


Graduate Education & Research - Graduate Education & Research offers a variety of excellent graduate programs, including more than 30 Master’s degree programs and seven Education Specialist programs. We also offer two cooperative doctorate programs: the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, in cooperation with the University of Missouri-Columbia; and the Ph.D. in Technology Management, in cooperation with Indiana State University.


Institutional Accreditation - Accreditation by recognized accrediting agencies provides the public with the assurance that the college meets the requirements of the accrediting bodies and meets their quality standards.  Verification of fulfillment of HLC/NCA standards is important to our students, current and potential, and all our other constituencies.  Accreditation impacts transfer options for students, the university’s eligibility for grants, and the ability to obtain and award financial aid.  The accrediting process gives the college an opportunity to do an intensive review of its strengths and weaknesses and to use this information to direct its continuous improvement efforts. Dr. Koch is responsible for relations with UCM's institutional accrediting bodies (HLC/MDHE)


Institutional Research, Accreditation and Assessment - Integrates institutional research, accreditation, and assessment in order to conduct an ongoing research program of student assessment and organizational improvement, and to facilitate the use of management information in key university decision-making processes


Office of Military & Veterans Services - UCM's Military and Veterans Success Center provides a safe, secure and supportive environment for the transition to college life by connecting military and veteran students with fellow military and veteran students, study groups, a computer lab and assistance from dedicated staff members. 


Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity - The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity assists UCM faculty and staff throughout the external fund-seeking cycle. 


Testing Services - Testing Services is dedicated to improving student learning and development, the quality of academic and student support services programs, and the overall intellectual life and learning environment of the institution.  Testing Services strives to implement the University’s CQIP Assessment model, provide the highest quality testing environment, maintain accurate, confidential, and reliable test score and instructional assessment services that ascribe to nationally recognized professional testing standards and governmental regulations.


Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum - Students gain valuable hands-on experience and real-world skills to help excel in a fast paced world. Undergraduate majors and a four-year plan of study, as well as minors, help customize student education.