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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee


A. To review and approve research and educational proposals involving animal subjects as specified by the Animal Welfare Act

B. To recommend and implement acceptable standards for the care, use, and treatment of laboratory animals in research and education in compliance with federal guidelines
C. To suspend animal use activities that are not conforming to the Animal Welfare Act policies.
D. To inspect animal facilities at UCM and review UCM's animal use program in accordance with our Public Health Service assurance statement, which is in line with the Animal Welfare Act.


Reports to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School, who holds the position of the Institutional Official (IO) of UCM.


The (IO) of UCM appoints the committee with recommendations from the IACUC Chairperson along with nominations from the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees for specific positions with confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

A. Composition (10 members)

  1. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  2. Non-Scientist Faculty member At-Large
  3. Student member
  4. Faculty Supervisor of the Biology/Animal Room
  5. Community Representative/Non-Affiliate
  6. Practicing Biologist
  7. Animal scientist from the Department of Agriculture
  8. Animal Care Specialitis/IACUC Liaison
  9. Chairperson of Department of Biology and Earth Science (ex-officio)
  10. UCM Institutional Official (ex-officio)

B. Selection

A doctor of veterinary medicine nominated by the IACUC to be approved by the university IO; must be present at the semi-annual convened meetings.

A Non-Scientist Faculty member (At-Large) nominated by the FS Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Faculty Senate

A Student member nominated by the IACUC Chairperson, appointed by IO.

Faculty Supervisor of Biology/Animal Room - Dept. of Biology

Community Representative nominated by the IACUC to be appointed by the IO; must be present at the semi-annual convened meetings.

Practicing Biologist Faculty Member nominated by the FS Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Faculty Senate.

The Committee chairperson, the attending veterinarian, and the non-affiliated member must be present for official IACUC business to be conducted at the semi-annual convened meetings.

C. Selection of Chair

The Chair of the IACUC is the Supervisor of the Animal Room.

D. Term of Service

Three years; reappointment may be advisable


The committee chair is responsible for creating and maintaining a Procedures Manual, a copy to be kept in the Faculty Senate Office.
This committee meets as needed to review protocol. At least once per semester, and will have summer meeting if needed.
Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.

REV 2/01 REV 3/10