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Academic Technology Advisory Committee

I. Charge

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee is a University committee charged with the responsibility of receiving, developing and submitting recommendations regarding the academic uses of technology to the Information Technology Policy Council.   It functions as an advisory committee to the Information Technology Policy Council and reports to the Chair of the Information Technology Policy Council. 

II. Function

A.  Review the academic technologies currently in use and make recommendations to the ITPC for continuations, enhancement, or elimination.   Review proposals from Information Services regarding annual licensing of academic software and upgrade/replacement of academic hardware.

B. Survey emerging technologies and make recommendations to the ITPC for exploration/application on campus

C. Review and evaluate levels of support (availability, integration, quality, reliability) delivered on campus and recommend changes to the ITPC. 

D.  The committee may recommend policies and procedures relating to a professional, user-friendly, up-to-date, and continually improving IT and web presence as this relates to academic departments/units.

E. The Academic Technology Advisory Committee shall submit a written report of its activities annually to the Information Technology Policy Council

III. Membership

A. Each faculty voting unit (the four colleges and the EDC/Library) shall be represented by one faculty member recommended by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees and approved by the Faculty Senate

B. There shall be one representative of the Student Government Association selected by the Student Government Association. 

C. There shall be one representative from the Deans' Council selected by the Council of Deans.

D. There shall be one representative from the Academic Council selected by the Academic Council. 

E. Two members appointed by the Assistant Provost for Information Technology and Instruction based upon their relevant knowledge and experience with instructional technology.

F. The Assistant Director of User Services shall serve as a permanent member. 

* A simple majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum.  All members will have the opportunity to vote. 

 IV. Chair

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee shall select its chair from the committee membership by a majority vote.  The chair shall serve a one-year term and shall be eligible for re-election.  The chair shall convene all meetings, fix the agenda, cast a vote on all motions, and arrange the taking and report of minutes.  No less than one committee meeting shall be convened per semester.

V. Terms

Terms shall normally be for two years except for the SGA representative whose term shall be for one year. In the initial year faculty representatives and at-large members shall be appointed so that staggered two-year terms shall be in effect for subsequent appointees Representatives may be selected for subsequent terms consecutively or non-consecutively.

VI. Meeting Times

Meeting times will be established by the committee to accommodate the schedules, including class schedules, of as many members as possible. 

Approved by ITPC 06/8/06

Academic Technology Advisory Committee
David Babcock Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 2015
Kelly Edmonson Education 2016
Kerry Henson HCB&PS 2016
Doug Koch Health, Science & Technology 2016
Charlene Atkins Library/AE 2015