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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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Human Subjects Committee Official Charge

Human Subjects Review Committee

To review research applications and proposals involving human subjects to ensure the rights of subjects are not violated and that the research conforms to the Code of Federal Regulations.


This committee reports to the Dean of the Graduate School.

A. Composition (12 members)
1. Seven faculty members with varying backgrounds to assure complete and adequate review of activities commonly conducted by the University. At least one faculty member must come from a scientific area; at least one must come from a non-scientific area; and at least one must be knowledgeable about specific protected categories. Committee membership should reflect diversity.
2. One community representative member who is not an officer, employee or agent, or otherwise associated with the University of Central Missouri, apart from this committee membership. An alternate community representative may also be appointed.
3. The Institutional Compliance official (ex officio and non-voting).
4. Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services (ex officio and non-voting).
5. An undergraduate student.
6. A graduate student.
7. A maximum of five alternate members.

B. Selection
1. Faculty members nominated by FS Committee on Committees after review for expertise and experience qualifications and confirmed by Faculty Senate. Members are then appointed by the President of the University.
2. Community representative member appointed by President of the University.
3. One undergraduate student member selected by SGA and one graduate student member selected by the Graduate Student Association. These members are then appointed by the President of the University.
4. Faculty members who have previously served on the committee may volunteer for one year terms as alternate members.

C. Roles and Responsibilities

1. Members
a. Completes orientation and continuing education training requirements for IRB
b. May be assigned to complete online reviews of exempt and expedited applications
c. Reviews all full applications and attends all convened IRB meetings. No proxy votes are permitted.
d. The alternate members may serve for full members when a member is not able to fulfill those responsibilities due to absence from campus, illness, conflict of interest, or other circumstances.
e. Removal: Due to federal quorum requirements, members unable to attend meetings may be asked by the Chair to step down.

2. Chair
a. Whenever possible, a committee member with one or more years experience should be selected by the Committee from among the voting members
b. Term of office shall be one year. Successive terms may be served.
c. Presides over the convened meetings of the full IRB
d. Assists in the recruitment of qualified IRB members
e. Reviews and approves minor revisions, renewals and amendment applications
f. Assists Dean and others as appropriate with the development and revisions of current policies, procedures and guidelines
g. Assists as required with responding and reporting issues with safety, unanticipated problems and non compliance
h. Serves as a liaison between the UCM IRB and the campus community to promote an understanding of human subjects protections

3. Vice Chair
The vice chair is responsible for all duties of the chair when the chair is not able to fulfill those responsibilities due to absence from campus, illness, conflict of interest, or other circumstances

D. Term of Service
1. Two years for faculty and community member
2. One year for students
3. One year for alternate members

Alternate members may substitute for regular members at meetings as long as the committee attendance conforms to federal guidelines.

The committee’s Procedures Manual is the University’s written IRB procedures, approved by the committee and made available online at the Human Subjects Protection Program website.
REV 3/07, REV 9/12

Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.