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Information Technology Policy Council

Charge and Operating Procedures

Information Technology Policy Council
Charge and Operating Procedures

ITPC Charge.  The Information Technology Policy Council (ITPC) of University of Central Missouri serves at the behest of the University President to develop, recommend, and review policies regarding the acquisition, distribution, use, and maintenance of information technology, and recommend university priorities which are consistent with those policies.  The ITPC addresses major technological issues that potentially have University-wide implications, coordinates technology initiatives to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency and effectiveness, and establishes standards for information technology use and support.

ITPC Membership.  The following individuals are permanent members of the ITPC:

* Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
* Vice President for Finance and Administration
* Vice President for Student Affairs
* Vice President for University Advancement
* University Director of Information Services
* Assistant Provost for Outreach Services and Marketing
* Assistant Provost for Information Technology and Instruction
* Dean of Library Services
* Three Faculty Members selected by the Faculty Senate (three-year terms)

The Provost or Provost designee chairs ITPC.

Meetings and Communication/Record Keeping.  The ITPC meets on a regular basis to consider old business, new business, and  recommendations and reports from advisory committees regarding information technology issues at Central.

Meeting agendas are published/distributed in advance of the meeting date.  Pertinent information is attached to the agenda for review by ITPC members prior to the meeting.  Requests to place items on the agenda are communicated to the Chair of the ITPC at least one week in advance of the meeting date.  New business may be introduced and considered during the meeting, when appropriate.  Minutes/Meeting notes are kept brief, and posted to an appropriate web site for communication to the campus. 

Decision-Making.  A quorum, consisting of a simple majority, must be present for the ITPC to take any official action.  The ITPC operates by consensus of its members, with formal votes taken only regarding issues on which the membership of the ITPC is of differing opinion.  All members present when a vote is taken will cast a vote, or indicate a reason for abstaining from the vote.

Review of ITPC charge.  The charge and operating procedures of the ITPC are reviewed during September and/or October of every odd numbered year.

Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.

ORIGINALLY Approved by the ITPC on January 25, 2001.
REVISED by the ITPC on December 13, 2001.