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March Minutes

Information Technology Policy Council
March 22, 2010
Martin 128


The March 22, 2010 meeting of the Information Technology Policy Council was called to order by Dr. David Rice with the following present:  Dr. George Wilson, Ms. Brandy Nicoletti (for Ms. Jenne Vanderbout), Dr. Rich Morrell, Dr. Russell Helm, Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Dr. Ruth Burkett, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Dr. Morrell moved to approve the February 22nd minutes.  Dr. Burkett seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

President’s Commission on Distance Education:  Dr. Rice reported the commission has not met recently.  At their last meeting they discussed online general education.  A subcommittee prepared a report which would allow for an online program in approximately a year.  The report was shared with the deans and they were in agreement.  Academic Council is supportive as well.  Some developmental courses (four or five) will be needed for the program.  One challenge that will need to be addressed is courses that are currently not offered on a regular basis.  They will need to be offered every semester.  Dr. Wilson said a plan was developed several years ago for online general education.  That plan didn’t go any further than the Provost Council.  The commission will use that plan as a basis for a report for the new president.  Dr. Wilson expects a plan will be implemented for online general education.  He added incentives will be needed to get courses developed but it would be a good investment.

Review Advisory Committee Work
There was nothing to review.

Computer Lab Statistics Software:  Dr. Helm said this software would help them determine how much computer labs are used.  The library is interested in the software too.  This could be used to justify costs in the labs to see what is being used and how much.  Dr. Helm brought this to ITPC as an FYI for the time being.  The data collected by this software could be used down the road if cutbacks become necessary.
Dual Metric Cost Recovery in Telecommunications Implementation:  Dr. Helm reported beginning July 1 they will be charging separately for telephone connections and device connections.  That will give them the foundation to move forward with the plan to move phones out or residence halls.  This will be revenue neutral for Telecom.
MOREnet Bandwidth Implementation:  Dr. Helm reported they have implemented a larger pipeline through MOREnet.  Students have 15-18% or the bandwidth dedicated to them which equal what we had for the entire campus a month ago.  MOREnet is taking a 30% hit this year.  Discussions are ongoing if MOREnet becomes an auxiliary which means the cost would be passed on to the universities.  UCM currently pays about $100,000 to MOREnet per year.  Dr. Helm stated he doubled what we have been spending but it is still far less than buying the service commercially due to our geography. 
Security Upgrades:  Dr. Helm reported they are working to identify and information services security manager.  They are creating a group inside IS to look at security measures taken by the university. 
Laptop Encryption Software:  They are also looking at laptop encryption software.  This should work on any university owned laptop.  The summer will be spent looking at an implementation plan.  This will require two secure passwords.  Faculty and staff will be able to unlock the laptops remotely if the password is forgotten.  They are also looking at taking the product home for home machines to secure data taken home by faculty and staff.  Dr. Helm wants to make the information safe rather than make it a barrier.  The cost for this product will be $25,000-$30,000.
Least Privileged Mode for Desktop Administrative Services:  Faculty and staff will no longer be the administrators of their desktop machines.
Higher Education Opportunity Act Compliance Plan P2P/Copyright):  Dr. Helm reported this has been completed.  IS bought and installed a product to block peer to peer activity on campus.  This is targeted at the student side for music and videos.  Since this software has been installed copyright violations have dropped by about 98%.
Windows 7 Migration Plan Update:  Dr. Helm reported they are on schedule for dispersing Windows 7.  They started dispersing it March 15 with a small inside group.  They will begin to disperse the product in labs the first of April.  During the middle of April they will ask for early adopters amongst faculty and staff on campus.  The plan is to work with staff during the summer and faculty the first of September.  Completion is expected in October.  The product has a unique touch and feel to it.
Email Systems Plans:   Dr. Helm reported they are still looking at what to do.  They are being forced by GroupWise to make a change within the next 12 months.  Outsourcing email, upgrading the current product, or moving to another local hosted product are all being considered.  A Microsoft exchange product is being considered.  GroupWise is making a major change to their product which will require a major conversion.  With a change to a different product they might be able to bring the students and staff to the same system.  Students want a transparent system with more storage. 

Other Business
Dr. Helm reported they are working on system for Mac users to make them more parallel to the PC users. 

Dr. Rice reported the university will be migrating to Blackboard 9 this summer.

There being no further business to address, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary