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May Meeting

Information Technology Policy Council
May 24, 2010
Martin 128

The May 24, 2010 meeting of the Information Technology Policy Council was called to order by Dr. David Rice with the following present:  Ms. Jenne Vanderbout, Dr. Rich Morrell, Dr. Russell Helm, Dr. Jim Graham, Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Mr. Mike Jeffries, and Ms. Debbie Combs.

Call to Order and Announcements
No announcements were made. 

The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Update on Academic Software Advisory Committee:    Dr. Rice reported this group was formed by Provost Wilson last year and began operation last fall.  The committee ranks proposals submitted for the purchase of software for academic departments with student tech fee money.  They received 30+ proposals last year and have received about the same amount for the second round. 

Review Advisory Committee Work
Nothing to review.

Windows 7 Migration:  The process is beginning for the upgrade to Windows 7.  Two early adopter groups are already using it and it has also been installed in some of the labs.  Dr. Helm said they hope to get most of the staff converted during the summer.  They are doing a lot of testing, finding glitches, and dealing with them as they come up.  There are some differences with this system but they are changes people are happy to see.  Users really aren’t seeing that much of a difference.  Windows 7 and Banner have some issues which are being worked  on. 
Campus Wireless System Upgrade:  Dr. Helm reported the upgrade is underway and going well.  Receivers for the wireless system are being replaced building by building.  The system will still be the same fundamentally but much faster.  The project should be finished across campus by the first of August. 

Least Privileged Mode for Desktop Administration: This is a national best practice in the security world.  Concept is for most users to have the ability to be an administrator for their own desktop computers.  Loading software on their machines is not part of their job.  The new process will offer a higher privilege for those that need it. 
Device Registration – This is being extended so the network is more aware of what is on the devices.  A non-university owned machine will have to be registered by the owner to use it on campus.  This practice has been in place for students but is now being extended campus wide.  The recently completed inventory conducted by Information Services will be the basis for the process.  Any new devices not purchased through the university will have to be registered.  Visitors will be able to register their machine and will be issued a temporary password.  The only buildings on campus where non-registered machines will work are the library and Union.

Laptop Encryption Software Implementation – Information Services is working on a plan to encrypt software on university owned laptops for security purposes in case the machine is lost or stolen.  They are also looking at extending the project to include Blackberries. 
Telecommunication Cost Recovery (Phones and Device Connections):    – Helm/Graham:  An email was sent out to campus explaining the new system.  Budget adjustments will be made to make this revenue neutral.  The new process will begin this summer.  Dr. Helm said a meeting will be held with budget managers to minimize problems. 
E-Mail System Plans:  Dr. Graham reported they are looking at various email systems such as a higher ed cloud model.  They hope to keep the cost where it is now or maybe even a little less.  ITPC needs to discuss the policy, privacy, legal aspects and dependability of the various email systems.  They want one system for everyone – faculty, staff and students.  GroupWise is a stand-alone system.  Other systems being considered are web browser based and they work well with personal devices.  A lot of universities are using Google and Microsoft email.  Both of those systems allow users to have an email address they can use for their entire life.  A position paper will be forthcoming soon.
Central Search:  Dean Dinwiddie was absent so this item was delayed to a future meeting. 
Update on President’s Commission on Distance Education:  Dr. Rice reported the commission has reached the point to draft a report which and a writing team is working on it.  The commission will review the draft and after they are finished it will be sent to Incoming President Ambrose.  Once he is finished the draft will be finalized and submitted to Dr. Ambrose for distribution to governance groups and the President’s Cabinet.  The first draft is to be finished in July and the second draft will be submitted to Dr. Ambrose in the fall.
Report on Transition to Blackboard Version 9:  Dr. Rice stated a major upgrade in Blackboard is coming in August.  Mr. Jeffries will be giving a report to the Provost Council and Academic Council.  Mr. Jeffries distributed a report which indicates the increase in the use of Blackboard.  Approximately 70% of faculty are now using the system.  The last upgrade to the system was in August 2008.  They will be upgrading to version 9.1 this August.  It will be more of a web 2.0 version with several add-ons available.  A number of orientation sessions are being held.  The Blackboard licensing fee is $63,000 per year and the hosting fee is $81,000.  Dr. Helm stated that is a bargain.  Blackboard doesn’t have any competition other than universities that have the means to create their own system.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary